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Jun 21st, 2017 by Robin Murray

Reflection: June 18

Scripture: Genesis 18:1–15 (21:1–7)

When you heard the reading from Genesis, were you able to picture the story? Were you able to picture yourself in it? Now picture this – what would have happened if Abraham had not invited the three men in? What would have happened if Abraham had simply bid them “good day” and went about his daily business, instead of rushing to show them honour and lavish hospitality? Would the miracle of Isaac’s birth have happened? Or would the men have shaken the dust from their feet and walked on to someone else, leaving Abraham and Sarah to simply disappear into history? The extraordinary story of a child being born to a couple so old reminds us that nothing is impossible for the One who created the universe, but it also reminds us that we have our part to play in God’s story – we need to invite God in.

Of course, Abraham had already received God’s promise that he would be that father of as many descendants as stars in the sky, some twenty-five years earlier. But by now, his wife, Sarah, was well past menopause and they had long since given up on the idea that she would be the actual birth mother of any of these descendants. They had resigned themselves to her motherhood being more figurative as the matriarch of their household, and had assigned Sarah’s maidservant, Hagar, the task of bearing Abraham a child. (Leslie will tell us more about Hagar and her son Ishmael next week.) It is no wonder that Sarah laughed when she heard one of the men insist that she would, indeed, bear a son within the year. This was a ridiculous idea – wonderful – but ridiculous. She didn’t »»

     "We dare to live
    the Way of Jesus,
      the Love of God"

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God calls us to be a loving, inclusive and compassionate people, who following Christ's teachings, gather to worship, celebrate the gift of love, live with respect in creation and seek justice and welcome for all regardless of, but not limited to, the following:
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If you, or your family, are looking for a community where you can nurture and activate your faith and spiritual life, please consider making Nelson United Church your faith home.

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Prayers of the People: June 15

On this Father’s Day, let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “Spirit-filled God” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.»»

For the Week of June 18

Second Sunday after Pentecost

             “Welcoming God In”

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Poverty in Nelson, BC

Valerie Warmington, Nelson City Councilor and community activist, spoke to our Nelson United congregation on June 4th about poverty in BC and »»

Prayers of the People: June 11

Please join me in prayer:
As we sit quietly now, in prayer, we are aware of the presence of spirit, the warmth of love shared, love that is alive in us and around us. »»

For the Week of June 11

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Prayers of the People: May 21

Please join us in the prayers of the people.   When you hear the words “Come By Here, O God” please answer with “Hear our prayers.»»

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