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Feb 20th, 2017 by Webminister

Reflection: February 19

         As some of you know, I’m a chronically poor sleeper. There’s a large group of us in this congregation as I’ve learned. Either we can’t get to sleep or we wake up multiple times. We can’t shut off our brains and just let sleep envelope us in its comforting cocoon of regeneration. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies, with limited success.

         I often rehearse in my head the things I should have said, the things I should have done, and the things that I should do. These are the “shoulds.” The “shoulds” that keep many of us awake. I struggle, as many do, to shut off these “shoulds” and live in the freedom of love that Jesus in particular promised. I understand the life of love and hope to which we are called, but I often harbour in my heart cynicism, despair and judgement, and then worry why I can’t reconcile my outer life with my inner thoughts. All at 3:30 am!

         Part of my own struggle is to reconcile teachings of Jesus with my own doubts and judgements. For example, the Sermon on the Mount at the beginning of Matthew is wonderful wisdom by which to live; but it is very demanding stuff! This is the Jesus of non-violent disobedience. This is the Jesus that taught the likes of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr, how to resist racism and oppression with love. It’s tough stuff and while I believe it to be true, my mind begs to debate.

         Maybe Jesus understood this need to debate hard teachings; there’s a little formula that Jesus used: “You’ve heard it said… thus and so…, but I tell you… »»

     "We dare to live
    the Way of Jesus,
      the Love of God"

– Our Purpose Statement


nuc 602 Silica Street, Nelson, BC

Statement of Faith and Action
God calls us to be a loving, inclusive and compassionate people, who following Christ's teachings, gather to worship, celebrate the gift of love, live with respect in creation and seek justice and welcome for all regardless of, but not limited to, the following:
age, race, colour, ancestry or place of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and mental ability and economic status.

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If you, or your family, are looking for a community where you can nurture and activate your faith and spiritual life, please consider making Nelson United Church your faith home.

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“God’s Empowering Love”

“We dare to live the Way of Jesus, 
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Prayers of the People: February 12

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Lenten Study 2017: What does it mean to be a “Progressive Christian”?
What do we (i.e. you!) really believe? 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Church »»

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“What God Requires”

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