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Jan 15th, 2018 by Rev. David Boyd

Reflection: January 14

         There’s an interesting line in the story about Samuel as a boy being called by God to be a prophet: “The voice of God was rarely heard—prophesy was uncommon.” It makes you wonder what life was like before Samuel.

I guess there was a time when prophecy was heard often; perhaps this harkens back to the time of Moses when they were fleeing the Egyptians in the Wilderness. This fleeing became nation-building and Moses went up and down the Mountain to hear the words of God to help in that building, whatever that was like. And then Joshua led the people across the Jordan River to integrate into the land of Canaan. Joshua, too, heard God’s whispers in his ear.

But then we come to the time of the Judges, the likes of Deborah, Gideon, Jair, and Samson. Samuel comes at the end of this period, some 3200 years ago. Did Deborah and her fellow Judges not hear God? Did people lose some sense of God’s presence in their lives? It’s hard to say. What were people listening for? What did they see as a sign of God’s presence? All questions I’ve wondered about.

They’re good questions because this age in which we live seems a time in which God’s prophesy is absent, or at least we’ve lost the ability to discern God’s words for us. And maybe that’s the point, it isn’t that God stops speaking; it’s more that we’ve lost the ability to listen. We’ve closed our hearts to the deeper message of humility, openness »»

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Prayers of the People: January 7

As we prepare our hearts for prayer, I ask each of us to take a moment to think of something that we are truly grateful for in our lives. It might be something small, or something quite significant. It might come to mind right away, or perhaps it might take awhile. When you hear the words “with Gratitude in our hearts we pray”, please respond with “Hear our prayers” »»

Prayers of the People: December 31

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “God of Peace and grace,” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.»»

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