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Jan 16th, 2017 by Webminister

Reflection: January 15

         I don’t know if you ever played the game as a child, “What if?” I used to play it with friends when we were 10 and a few years on either side of that age; we’d imagine some scenario… “What if you saw someone shop-lifting, what would you do?” Or “What if you found a wallet, what would you do?” Now, we’d try to get silly or ask really, really hard “what if” questions. I always liked those thought games.

         Asking “what if” is certainly more a child’s game than a purposeful adult exercise. None of us really know what we might do in any given circumstance; we might think we know what we’d do in the case of a fire, or a robbery while we are at home, or putting ourselves at risk to save someone, or when faced with violence, or … The truth is that we can have some approximation of what we might do because we know ourselves, but in the actual moment, who knows?

         Jean Vanier tells a story of an Serbian Orthodox priest who, during the worst of the violence in the Balkans back in the 90’s, chose to defy his own his fellow Serbian citizens and hid Kosovars; this was during the worst violence against Kosovo, which as we know was very brutal. When the tide turned and the Serbs were having to own up to the violence perpetrated against others, this same priest chose stand between angry Kosovar mobs bent on revenge, and the Serbian citizens that were the object of mob violence. It was a dangerous tight-rope to walk. Vanier’s point was »»

     "We dare to live
    the Way of Jesus,
      the Love of God"

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Statement of Faith and Action
God calls us to be a loving, inclusive and compassionate people, who following Christ's teachings, gather to worship, celebrate the gift of love, live with respect in creation and seek justice and welcome for all regardless of, but not limited to, the following:
age, race, colour, ancestry or place of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and mental ability and economic status.

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If you, or your family, are looking for a community where you can nurture and activate your faith and spiritual life, please consider making Nelson United Church your faith home.

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Prayers of the People: January 15

In these next few moments let us open our minds to the presence of god in our being and let that presence fill us with peace of mind and spirit. Let us pray. »»

For the Week of January 15

Light leads to Gratitude and Discipleship


Bienestar January Newsletter

Hello everyone:
Warm January greetings to you – literally! And some news on our collective work with BIENESTAR that we think will fire up your spirits as well. »»

2017 NUC Contact List Update

Please take a moment to ensure we have your contact information accurate. »»

Prayers of the People: January 8

Today we pray and rejoice together in the promise of God’s love for all creation and the promise that God’s love holds for each one of us.  When you hear the words, God of Promise, please respond with “Hear our Prayers”. »»

For the Week of January 8

 The Feast of the Epiphany


Prayers of the People: January 1

Love so Big and so Tenacious – You are here!

You are here with us »»

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