Prayers of the People

April 28, 2013

On hearing the words, "God of all," please respond with, "Hear our Prayers."

Watchful God, in this week of Volunteer Appreciation, we are so grateful for all our willing volunteers. This church has many. We pray that you will strengthen and sustain us, and that, with patience and understanding, we may love and care for your people and your world. Grant that together we may follow the example of your son, Jesus. May your spirit make us wise; may your spirit guide our actions; may your spirit renew and strengthen us. God of all...    "Hear our Prayers."

As we continue to celebrate the Easter story, the risen life of Jesus, we welcome all life in a springtime world. We are nourished by moments of wonder and beauty, and we are fed by God's creation. We see and feel the stirrings and marvels of death being overtaken by life. We taste the wonders of God's goodness in the seasonal cycle of life overturning death. God of all...    "Hear our Prayers."

Compassionate God, we raise our blessings and concerns for others. Grant to them health and wholeness, peace and joy, strength and hope. We remember before you all those named in our Prayer List. We pause at this time to pray, either silently or aloud, for all those whose names are on our hearts...    ...God of all...    "Hear our Prayers."

Peace-loving God, be a source of strength for our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. May they always feel our caring support. Keep safe our friends, the Selkirk College Nursing students practicing in Guatamala. Their extensive volunteer work is noticed and appreciated. We work and pray for justice and peace throughout the world and especially keep in our prayers, all the peacemakers, peacekeepers and their families, and all those who willingly give of their time, their expertise and their lives to assist others in need. We pray for the victims and families of the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer cycle this week, we offer prayers for Reverend Jack Lindquist, retired minister still offering his services in Jaffray. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we offer prayers for the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. God of all...    "Hear our Prayers."

Loving God, guide us as we move forward in our ministry. Help us to share and appreciate the varied gifts and talents of all. Guide our thoughts and actions as we meet after service today to review our strategies and begin to plan future directions.

I offer a blessing from Jan Richardson:

In the choices of your past,
In the choices of your present,
In the choices yet to come;
The God of Wisdom inhabit you,
And inspire the way you go.

Let us go on with wisdom, praise and thanksgiving to serve!

And the people say...    "Amen"