Prayers of the People

February 17, 2013

When you hear the words,"We pray to our God", please answer with "Hear our prayers." And so we pray...

Creator God: The beauty of your world is never more evident than in the clear sunlight days and the bright crisp star lit nights of winter. Be present with all who travel this winter and guide them safely to their destinations and on their return. We pray for our United Church of Canada and our moderator, the Right Reverend Gary Paterson and ask for your support for his work on our behalf. We pray for our elected leaders, both Federal and Provincial, and ask you grant them the ability to cease their self-aggrandizing behavior and concentrate on effecting changes that will result in improvement in the lives of the poor and suffering as well as in the care for for the environment. We pray to our God...    "Hear our prayers."

All Encompassing God: We pray for our sisters and brothers of Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. We pray for those injured by the meteorite strike in Western Siberia as well as the families of the dead and injured victims of a bomb in Quetta. In our Presbytery prayer cycle we pray for Reverend Therese Descamp, retained on the roll of Kootenay Presbytery, part of the Spiritual Care Team and Sexual Misconduct support person in Kootenay Presbytery. In the World Council of Churches prayer cycle we pray for the peoples of Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Malta. We pray for Peacekeepers and Peace-makers throughout the world and their Families who await their return. We pray to our God...     "Hear our prayers."

Compassionate God: We offer our prayers for all who suffer in any way especially those who experience the horrors of war, starvation, natural disasters, and physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. We ask your sustaining presence for all those named in our Prayer List and others we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts...    ....We pray to our God...    "Hear our prayers."

As we dare to live the way of Jesus, embodying the Love of God, let us remember the prayer of Thomas Merton:

Teach me to take all grace
And spring it into blades of act,
Grow spears and sheaves of charity,
While each new instant, (new eternity)
Flowering with clean and individual circumstance,
Speaks me the whisper of [God's] consecrating Spirit.
Then will obedience bring forth new Incarnations
Shining to God with the features of Christ.

And the people say...    "AMEN."