Prayers of the People

January 13, 2013

When you hear "Loving, Father," respond "Hear our prayers."

Father in Heaven we hold your name above all else in this world. We seek, work, and attempt to do your blessings to each other in our daily lives as shown to us through the works and teachings of Jesus your son our brother. We sin and are sinners and ask for your compassion to forgive us and to continue to bless us with all the good that comes into our lives through you. Jesus your son manifested to us through your holy spirit has shown us that it is possible to do your will here among us, to love one another and to lift up each other with acts of charity and kindness. We pray for your continued guidance and insight into the teachings of Jesus so that we may do better in our wish to see your will be done here on earth. We pray to you that we not be voiceless when we see wrong being done but be filled with action to see those who dominate the ways of your world hear the wishes taught to us by your son Jesus., to care for others as we would have others care for us. Let those who may try to deceive us not manipulate us into accepting change that does not support other. Holy Father make clear to us the right changes to accept and ones to reject. Please be our guide, Loving Father...    "Hear our prayers."

Compassionate Father you have blessed us with talent, prosperity and abundance. Guide us in a purposeful way to shares these generous gifts to the benefit of others who are not as blessed. We pray for your guidance in this throughout our lives in the hopes that in some way we can bring about a better world closer to your will. We know all things are possible as demonstrated in your son Jesus. Please give us that mustard seed of faith to overcome our barriers and those of others to gain a better world. May you guide with grace and thoughtful reflection Rev. Christine Dudley, minister at Kimberley United and the Joint Chair of the Support to Congregation Team in their responsibilities. We also pray for your blessings upon the members of the Kimberley United Church. Loving Father...    "Hear our prayers."

Compassionate God, look into our hearts and minds and help us deal with problems that we struggle with. Bless all those in this church who quietly go about their work to make this your Church a refuge of peace and spiritual fulfilment. The world is in very troubles times with crumbling finances, failing crops, natural disasters and political unrest. We pray for those who are shouldered with the responsibility of finding solutions to these problems that you in your compassion will guide them to a better world keeping them ever mindful of the burden placed upon the most vulnerable. In our World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle we pray for Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. We ask for your support of our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and for the peacekeepers and peacemakers serving throughout the world. We pray for your blessings, warmth of spirit and compassion for those who we mention in our Prayer List. In this quiet moment we offer the names of others whose concerns are close to our hearts...    ...Loving Father...    "Hear our prayers."

Heavenly Father we are grateful for all the goodness you bring into our lives; we see in all the little and great acts that bless our live each day your goodness and love for us. Let us return those blessings by seeking out those in our lives that need blessings from us. For whatever we do in showing love and compassion for those in need around us we know we do them as if it were for Jesus and that in doing so we bring about a better world closer to your will. And we say together...    "AMEN."