Prayers of the People

January 20, 2013

My Lord What a Morning! It's always a surprise, but no surprise, when there are four minutes more daily sunlight in our northern climate; we wait for warm spring from the day of solstice, we wait for light, we wait and watch and are always stunned by the steadfast miracle of creation as the world turns. It reaffirms our faith in our creator like an epiphany. This miracle inspires us to believe in the best possible world, and we as Christians are to try in every way to make it so, daring to follow the way of Jesus, embodying the love of God. When you hear the words,"God of Christian manifestation", please answer with "Hear our prayers."

We pray for our leaders: Some of our congregational people are at Epiphany Explorations at the coast — give them inspiration. In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer roster, we ask you to shine on Robin Murray, Chair of the Outdoor Ministry and Youth Team, may she and the team plan an exceptional and inspiring experience for youth this year. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle: We pray for leaders in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, give them wisdom to bring about peace, especially in the wake of the hostage crisis and killings in Algeria. We remember peacemakers and peacekeepers serving throughout the world, and wish them safely home. Because we have repeated their name for so long, we think of Nyandnazi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe as nearly-family, and we wish them strength and hope. God of Christian manifestation...    "Hear our prayers."

Closer to home, we remember our people who are sorrowful and ill, and those who have experienced loss. Sometimes inspiration, miracles and hope seem to be faraway illusions to them. We pray they can find their way through faith, and that they be given what they need. We remember all those named in our Prayer List. God of Christian manifestation...    "Hear our prayers."

It's a tough world to change, but we as Christians can take find reaffirmation daily in the good around us. Help us have epiphanies regularly, even if they are supposed to be rare breakthroughs. Help us see the good signs, the tiny miracles and use those to inspire us and others in our small corner of the world. Let us have leaps of faith every morning when the sun rises. God of Christian manifestation...    "Hear our prayers."

And the people say...    "AMEN."