Prayers of the People

July 28, 2013

When you hear the words, "Help us to answer the holy cry in prayer and action," please respond with "Hear our prayers."

Creator God, This morning, as the summer sun blazes again and our cold lake flows swiftly to the Columbia, we thank you for the beautiful place we call home, ever-conscious of fire, air, earth, water and all living things. We tend our gardens and enjoy the bounty that springs up. We are grateful that we have stayed mostly fire-free this season, and that those enjoying the wilderness around have been mindful of its fragility. Yet, things happen to remind us of the interconnectedness of all things, like the fuel spill at Lemon Creek. As we work, travel and recreate, let us also be mindful of the frailty of other places, and walk gently where we go, because we walk on holy ground. Help us to answer the holy cry in prayer and action...     "Hear our prayers."

In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer roster we think today of Rev. Gerry Foster, retired minister of Grand Forks. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we pray for all the islands of the Caribbean, from Cuba to Trinidad, especially as hurricane season approaches. Further afield we remember the little church in Nyandnaze that we have prayed about for many years; may it thrive and feed its community. As Egypt erupts again politically, we pray for a peaceful solution to the revolts. We appreciate the efforts of the peacekeepers and peacemakers, away from their families, often in dangerous environments. Through the Mission and Service arm of the United Church we see supportive things happen wherever it goes. Help us to answer the holy cry in prayer and action...     "Hear our prayers."

Our own people need our prayers too, as they suffer loss, sorrow and fear. Let us respond to them, let them find peace, and we pray they are given the solace and strength they need. We remember all those named in our Prayer List, and others we name silently or aloud...    ...Help us to answer the holy cry in prayer and action...     "Hear our prayers."

We hope that nature will find a way to mitigate some of what has been inflicted upon our earth-home. But we are a part of nature too, and commit to"restoring the fig tree" through constant learning, thoughtful care in our habits and consumption. We realize it is not good enough to be naively thinking and speaking right thoughts and giving only lip service to our planet's call; we are called to action, in our households, region, country, and abroad. We must fearlessly and fiercely and analyse our actions. With your help and inspiration, O God, let us creatively work toward a Renaissance. Help us to answer the holy cry in prayer and action     "Hear our prayers."