Prayers of the People

March 10, 2013

When you hear the words,"God of rekindled pleasures," please respond with "Hear our prayers." And so we pray...

During this fourth week of Lent, the week of spring break, while the last of last-year's leaves flutter down from the branches, while new buds ready themselves for glorious bursts of colour, while the earliest spring flowers—pussy willows, snowdrops—burst out into pale sunshine, we ask for blessings for all that starts anew. May we too bud out into an abundance of creative, colourful, positive pleasures as we learn to see the world with fresh, new eyes. Let us share our new world, our fresh vision with a song in our heart. God of rekindled pleasures...    "Hear our prayers."

Around your planet we pray for the people who are trying to survive devastating periods of war, unrest, hunger and displacement. We pray for our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Peacemakers and peacekeepers serving throughout the world, doctors without borders, Red Cross workers, all those who volunteer their time and abilities of any sort. In our world council of churches we pray for: Myanmar and Thailand. And in our Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster we ask for blessings for: Jane Clarke, Minister at Knox United Church, Fernie and the congregation of Elkfort. God of rekindled pleasures...    "Hear our prayers."

We keep in our hearts and minds those who need a supporting hand this week. They are named on our Prayer List, and any others whose names we say aloud or silently...    ...Give us the strength to know that, in difficult times, we don't need to be alone. We don't need to suffer to be loved. Every journey is about quality of life, and we are all God's beloved. God of rekindled pleasures...    "Hear our prayers."

God of compassion, we ask you for help in this new growing season to be good stewards of our planet earth and all its creatures. Give us the opportunity to be a positive example. Help us to see that, just as a tiny snowdrop can create enormous pleasure, a small deed can make a huge difference. Let us be a blossom in someone's life; remind us that small can be powerful. And in this time of overabundance let us realize that a small bud can spread as much joy as an enormous flower. Show us that in this way we leave for our future generations that which we enjoy ourselves. God of rekindled pleasures...    "Hear our prayers."

Creator God at the start of daylight saving time
when we start afresh, be with us as we gaze into the distance
for fresh hopes, dreams, challenges and uncertainties.
Take our fears and turn them into strengths; take our lack of faith and empower us.
Walk with us into this New Year of opportunities.

And the people say...    "AMEN."