Prayers of the People

May 12, 2013

Loving God, open our hearts and minds that we may feel your love and hear the promises of your word. Let us feel you in our midst as we pray. When you hear the words, "God of Light and Love," please respond with "Hear our Prayers."

Gracious and Holy God, we come to you with what is in our hearts today. Help us to feel renewed and blessed as we watch spring unfold around us. Like flowers reaching for the warmth of the sun, may we too turn our face to you and feel your presence in the new life around us. Draw near to us now as we come to you in prayer bringing our doubts, our fears and our hopes. God of Light and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

Loving God, as we come together in worship, energize and refresh us. May we together with all those in our community of faith be filled with the power of your love so that we may be inspired to act with generosity and empowered to serve with faith-filled action. Help us to encourage one another to share our talents and resources for the betterment of our community and our world. In our Presbytery Prayer Cycle today, we pray for Dick Moffat, representative for Rock Lake Camp. We pray also for our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. May they feel the strength of our prayers. God of Light and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

God of all People, we give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us and the abundance of food and clean water that we take for granted. We offer our prayers for all the people in the world that are not blessed with the privileges that we enjoy and whose everyday lives are a struggle. We pray for guidance and wisdom for those who govern these nations that they may bring about peaceful resolutions for with peace comes justice, cooperation, compassion and hope. In our World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we pray for the countries of Kenya and Tanzania. As well, our thoughts and prayers are also with the peacemakers and peacekeepers serving throughout these war- torn countries. God of Light and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

Compassionate God, we pray for those in need of your reassuring and healing presence. You know their concerns, their hurts and their burdens. Inspire in us the compassion and patience that we too, can extend our hands to heal and comfort. Today we come to you with heartfelt prayers for all those named in our Prayer List, and The Selkirk College Nursing students practicing in Guatemala. As well, we pause to remember in silence or aloud those whose lives touch our own and whose needs and concerns are ours as well...    ... God of Light and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

Loving God, bless us and hear our prayers for others, for ourselves, for our community and for our world. Instill your words of love in our hearts and in the hearts of this community so that we may approach one another with understanding. Let our actions prove our resolve to create a better life for all people. Fill us with hope and give us courage to face our challenges with dignity. And in all that we pray for, help us to accept your will.