Prayers of the People

May 26, 2013

During the prayer, when you hear the words, "Trinity God," please respond with "Hear our Prayers.". And so we pray...

Loving spirit, our hearts are warmed this Sunday morning, as we gather together to mark Trinity Sunday, to deepen our understanding of this doctrine of three-in-one, and to comprehend what it means to experience you, Loving One, as a trinity. In some faith traditions, the trinity is called Father-Son-and-Holy Spirit. Another way to name and understand this trinity is Creator-Redeemer-and-Spirit. All in one. All in us. Creator God, you made this stunning and surprising world for us and all the living creatures we share it with. You asked us to respect creation, to treat it with care and love. We know that as co-creators of this world, we have not done the best we could. We have allowed our wants and needs to predominate over all others. Help us to do better, to be more generous and humble. Redeemer God, we see you in the form of Jesus, the one who shows us the way, who reminds us to work to redeem the injustices of our world, defending the oppressed, reaching out our hands in love, and finding the peaceful way. At Nelson United Church, We dare to live the Way of Jesus, embodying the Love of God. Spirit God, you gracefully and graciously move within us, inspiring us, comforting us, loving us, helping us to stay on the path of peace and justice. Creator-Redeemer-Spirit, you are our god, our guide, our foundation. And we thank you for your constant presence. Trinity God...    "Hear our Prayers.".

Our hearts are grateful for those who serve the world, bringing to concrete expression the trinity of creator-redeemer-spirit. In the Kootenay Presbytery, we pray for the members of the Planning and Visioning Team of Kootenay Presbytery. And we're grateful for the miracle of Camp Koolaree and those who made it possible. In the World Council of Churches prayer cycle, we pray for Botswana and Zimbabwe. We are encouraged by recent changes in Zimbabwe and pray for your continuing guidance to the leaders of that country. We pray for our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, and especially for Eleanor Maposa and her family. May Eleanor find healing and a quick return to good health. Amid the conflicts around the world are Canadian peacemakers and peacekeepers. We pray for them, and for their families. Today we also think of the people of Johnson's Landing, who this week have learned hard news about the future of their community. We pray that each of them finds a way forward and that the government is generous in supporting them, as they continue to struggle with the pain and loss from last year's landslide. And, we pray for people close to us, and for those whose names appear in our Prayer List. We hold them in our hearts along with The family and friends of Bridget Corkery and The family and friends of Irene Chanig. And in a moment of silence, we offer prayers for those whose concerns are close to our hearts...    ...Trinity God...     "Hear our Prayers.".

As you created this world, holy one, Wisdom was at your side. As Solomon tells us in Proverbs, you created Wisdom as the beginning of your work, the first of your acts, and she was by your side as you defined the limits of the heavens, the sea and the land, and brought forth water and life, including the human race. We rejoice in this vision of Wisdom, a female figure, sometimes called Sophia, co-creating the earth with you, and delighting in it. This is the wisdom we must learn how to be co-creators of a new world of delight and peace and love. Creator-Redeemer-Spirit God, we pray for strength and vision, to know that your commonwealth is possible, to know that we can create it, with your help and with Wisdom. As Solomon prayed: "May God grant me to speak with judgment, and to have thoughts worthy of what I have received; for God is the guide even of wisdom and the corrector of the wise."

Be with us, guiding God, and we say together...     "AMEN."