Prayers of the People

November 3, 2013

When you hear the words, "Loving God" please reply with "Hear our Prayers."

Loving God, creator of all that is, giver of blessing for our eternal well-being we urgently seek your forgiveness for our sins. As Zacchaeus, who quickly answered the call from Jesus, let us not hesitate to receive your call and gain your forgiveness. On this All Saints Sunday celebration we look to renew our desire to do your will. Let us be your means to bring comfort to those who are in distress and forgive those who have treated us poorly. We look to your loving kindness to inspire us to do good in your name. Continue, Loving God, to embrace our world. Hold us in your constant love, emblazon our hearts and remind us in your quiet ways that we can reach peace throughout the world with kindness shown to one and all. Let this simply act of kindness be present in the hearts of those immersed in conflict. Loving God...    "Hear our Prayers."

Mighty God, we are blessed with all that surrounds us and the company of your followers. We are inspired by those saintly individuals who give willingly of their time, love and wealth to those in need. In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer cycle we pray for Jean Daniels, Chair of Nominations and Past Chair of Kootenay Presbytery. May Jean find inspiration in her new position and support from all of us. In our World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle we pray for peace and prosperity for Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. Horrific injustices are being committed in Burundi and large numbers of refugees are fleeing the embattled country. We pray for your blessings in the way of comfort for the refugees and an end to the conflict. In Rwanda a settlement to the past conflicts appears to be succeeding and prosperity is beginning to take place. We pray for clear guides of kindness to fill the hearts of President Paul Kagame and Dr. Hamadoun Toure as they lead the Transformation African Summit in Kigal in their desire to bring prosperity to the region. We continue to send our prayers of well being to David as he continues his personal faith journey . Gracious God, we pray for Our brothers and sisters at the Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, and the Peacemakers and Peacekeepers serving throughout the world. Here in our congregation we name those who we are concerned about and who need your blessings and comfort. They are named in our Prayer List. We pause to pray either silently in our hearts or aloud for those who we wish to add to this prayer of support...    ...Loving God...    "Hear our Prayers."

On this All Saints Day Sunday we pray for success in the eternal battle against evil in our world. We pray for Saints to come among us to fight the good fight against injustice. We pray for your guidance in finding a way we can help in this war in a peaceful and loving way. Loving God, our faith in you and the teachings of Jesus remain strong.

And the people say...    "Amen."