Prayers of the People

November 17, 2013

Lord, we come to you today with our prayers. We pray for awareness of your presence in our lives and for your guidance. When you hear the words God of Peace and love, please answer with: "Hear our Prayers." Reader 1: Faithful God, as our days become shorter and we move toward winter, help us to look forward to the pristine beauty of snow-covered mountains that reflect in the clear waters of our lake. We are grateful for the splendor that surrounds us in our peaceful and secure valley. As conflict escalates in the Middle East and hatred manifests itself in the violations of human rights, keep us steadfast n our prayers for peace. God of Peace and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

Compassionate God, you have given us a gift of love. Help us to share that love not only with those we hold dear, but with all humanity. It has been said that miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. Let our hearts and hands reach out in love to all those in need not only in our own community of faith but in our world. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and all those brave men and women who strive to keep the peace in our world. We pray for all those who seek relief from fear and loneliness and for those who struggle with illness and pain and loss of loved ones. We especially pray for all those on our Prayer List. We pause now to remember those who are close to our hearts and whose needs and concerns are ours as well...    ...God of Peace and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

God of steadfast love, help us to look for ways to understand others more fully and to reconcile their differences to our own. Provide us with the humility, tolerance, willingness and courage necessary to build lasting relationships within our communities and throughout the world. We know the people of our world need our sincere and heartfelt prayers. We pray that they may feel our compassion and be comforted. In World Council of Churches Prayer cycle, we pray for the Cameroon, Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea. We pray also for the people of the Philippines for the devastation they have suffered and the loved ones they have lost. God of Peace and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

God of all People, We pray for your help to keep our minds open to new ideas that we may grow in our understanding of the nature of all living things. May we become filled with generosity of spirit to heal the hurts we have inflicted on nature. We pray that you teach us to value each other and to realize the power we have to change the world. In our Kootenay Prayer Roster, we pray for the leaders and congregation of St. Andrews United Church in Kaslo. God of Peace and Love...    "Hear our Prayers."

Gracious God, We are grateful for all those people who enrich our lives, whose smiles brighten our day, whose musical talents make our spirits dance, whose words enlighten our minds and whose skills make our lives easier. Guide our steps and our hearts so that together we may walk the paths of peace. Inspire us to work for healing in our world with loving hands. Make us channels of your light. Let every day be a holy encounter on the hallowed ground of our earth.