Still does the morning sunlight
Cast oblique its shafts
Through clerestory
Down to the choir loft's arc,
And I not there
To feel its benediction.
And in the afternoon
When aisles and oaken pews
Glowed golden in the waning light
Such peace was there –
Peace known no other place.
Beloved church,
You took my heart's best music
To your vaulted dome
Rounding it to fulness;
My childhood's simple prayers
Are somewhere hid away
Within your walls.
My joys, my anguish –
All you took and held
In your great heart.
With your sunlight's beam.
Or with God's gentle rain
Upon your roof
Or with the choir lights
Waking velvet shadows
After Evensong –
I cannot bear to think of you
Another way than this.



This poem was written by Doris Bradshaw after the amalgamation of Fairview United Church and St Paul's -Trinity United Church in 1995. It reflects her memories of "St. Paul's Church" which is now the Evangelical Covenant Church at the corner of Silica and Stanley Streets. Between being St. Paul's and the ECC, the building went thorugh several incarnations, including that of an office building.