Deep down inside of me
There's a little voice that hide in me
Crying out to be somebody special
To reach my creative potential
To be raised up on eagle's wings
And never come back to ground level!

Soar, spirit soar
Fly on to places never seen before
Keep on knocking on every door
Till their answers don't bring questions no more.

Deep down inside of me
I still believe in humanity
Working out the mess we're in today
Come on…it's never too late
To be changed and to change things
Then we'll find our eagle's wings!


Deep down inside of me
I see the power that lies in everybody
Let it out…set it free to grow
Because it is the way and the key
To a really new direction
Love is the answer to every question!

© Marion Bergevin, 1986

Learn to Build the Bridges

Try as I may I just can't understand
Man's inhumanity to Man
But there must be some ways to reach out our hands
To people from many different lands. (We've got to…)


Learn to build the bridges
Across rivers of hate
Learn to be constructive
Before it is too late
Learn to love each other
To forgive and live in peace
Our enemies are just friends
With different realities.

Think as I do about the possibilities
If we all could give a little and to care
There must be ways of creating equality
If we could ever learn how to share.


Fail as I will to get all the changes I seek
I will never ever let the spirit die
The world is one day, for the poor and the meek
I know that I'll just have to try to…


© Marion Bergevin, 1988