A Psalm for the Kootenays

by Kevin MacAskill

When I lift my eyes to the mountains which surround us,
my spirit soars with the eagle and osprey.

When the dawn breaks on Morning Mountain,
turning the lake waters to gold and
the day approaches as the silent steps of deer,
I am nurtured by the beauty of Your creation.

Truly, You have blessed us in this place.

Around us, in every day of every season,
we witness Your abundant benevolence,
so freely bestowed.

Favor us with the will and wisdom to protect
and care for all Your creation
as You provide and care for us,
in the pilgrimage of our lives.

As Your sun shines its light on our communities here,
we envision the light of Your great love and compassion
shining on all Your people,
near and far.

Bless those who gather in houses of worship,
who raise their voices in songs of praise to Your holy name.

Bless those who worship You in other places and other ways.
May their praise too,
rising as smoke from incense,
be pleasing in Your sight.

As night falls and the moon rises, turning the lake waters to silver,
we rest from our labors.
We sleep secure in Your care,
dreaming of Your will for our world,
dreaming a dream of peace.