Psalm of Abundance

Divine Mother in whom all things live and have their being
You enfold us in your never ending cycle of life
As you express your joy in creation
Through the seed's transformation into bud, flower, fruit
And back to seed again
We see how you give yourself in the changing seasons
In sun, rain and snow that help all things to grow
Thank you for the beauty and the bounty
Of our beloved earth.

Divine Origin, out of love you created an infinite variety of living things
Golden oceans of grain, red apples on the tree, purple plums
Multicoloured fish, majestic elephants, great whales, soaring eagles
These you have given us to care for
You open our eyes to see that we live in Your Garden still
We honor the sacredness of all your creations
And we are grateful for your abundant gifts

Divine Source of all beings, You give to all creatures
A means to sustain themselves
We give thanks that all lives are so intimately connected
That even a sparrow's fall is felt in the soul
And the sparrow's song resonates throughout creation.
We are grateful that we are a part of your divine tapestry
We promise to maintain the intricate and delicate web of life
On our beloved planet earth
And we praise the perfection of your design

Indivisible life you course like a river through all things
You are the One out of which arises the many
You are the many which comprises the one
We live by your grace
And we rejoice that this is so

                               — Kamala Moore (October 2007)