Psalm to the Infinite

One: God of mystery. One being manifesting in many disguises.
All: Help us to see through your myriad forms to your underlying spirit which animates all things..

One: God of divine manifestation. Throughout the ages you have revealed aspects of your grace to every culture through the lives of your holy ones..
All: We give thanks that you have never left us without a teacher who could speak to our individual needs for guidance. Their wisdom has opened a path through confusion.

One: You taught us through Buddha that at the center of our being is a still point, a peaceful center in which to take refuge.
All: Thank you for teaching us how to quiet our minds and search inside for truth.

One: You came to us dancing and singing in the form of Saraswati who expresses your creative energy.
All: We thank you for the joy of creative inspiration not only in art and music, but also in our work and relationships and all the small tasks we perform everyday.

One: You revealed yourself to us in the Great Spirit; the alive intelligent energy present in wind, earth, fire and water; and in the consciousness of all our relations.
All: We recognize the sacredness of the earth and include ourselves among her creatures.

One: We know you as Mary, the Divine Mother, who cares for us tenderly as a parent cares for her child.
All: We trust you to guide us and nurture us in your love.

One: In China they call you Quan Yin the one who walks beside water, Hearer of Cries.
All: Have mercy on us compassionate one. Hear our prayers in time of need.

One: You are also called Shiva, the one who dances out the drama of the universe without ever losing his balance.
All: Teach us in the midst of chaos to abide in the peace within, while performing the parts assigned to us.

One: We know you as Sophia, Holy Spirit — the breath of inspiration.
All: With every breath we take let us remember you are inside us. You surround us and protect us. There is nowhere you are not.

One: You showed us through Jesus, our chosen one, that we are equal in the eyes of God and one in the body of Christ.
All: Help us to let go of the small and separate self and know that by loving each other we can experience the larger self that is love.

One: God of mystery, You are eternal and infinite presence. The essence at the core of our being.
All: You are the light in the eye, the spark that flies to join one being to another. We praise your continuously unfolding mystery.

                               — Kamala Moore (May 2008)