Bienestar January Newsletter

Hello everyone:

Warm January greetings to you – literally! And some news on our collective work with BIENESTAR that we think will fire up your spirits as well.

As we did earlier last year, we’d like to share with you some of the things we’ve been able to achieve with your donations in terms of projects and scholarships, and the effects that these are having in the lives of our friends in Guatemala.

Your monthly donations at work…

For the BIENESTAR board – before Christmas we were extremely pleased to be able to send – on your behalf — $4,370:

 $1,120 to support a project that will help Nuevo Horizonte establish a Spanish Language School in their community to add to their Solidarity Tourism Program.

 $3,250 to be dispersed in student scholarships.
Below is further information about these initiatives. First, though, some updates on our

previously-funded work.

Proyecto Azucar (Project Sugar) … to help a group with Diabetes with their insulin costs while they established other self-sustaining supports. The good news is that the group has been so successful that they have moved from insulin to oral medication at present and our funds have been used to cover ongoing blood work monitoring. An exciting aside to this is that Mary Ann will soon be arriving in the community for 5 months to do further work toward the dream of developing a regional center for Diabetes in the Peten, and will able to monitor all of this more closely.

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