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For the Week of January 21

Third Sunday after the Epiphany                  How Are We Called to Live in the World? read on

Lenten Study Opportunities

Thursday Morning Book Group and Wednesday Evening Study read on

Prayers of the People: January 7

As we prepare our hearts for prayer, I ask each of us to take a moment to think of something that we are truly grateful for in our lives. It might be something small, or something quite significant. It might come to mind right away, or perhaps it might take awhile. When you hear the words read on

Prayers of the People: December 31

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “God of Peace and grace,” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.” read on

NUC Children and Youth

In the New Year read on

Prayers of the People: December 17

During the prayers, when I say: “Spirit of Grace and Love” please respond with “hold us and lift us.”   In our silence, and as one, we breathe deeply and rest our minds and bodies, answering the call to prayer.  Let us pray. read on

We have a Vision Statement

NUC Vision Statement read on

Prayers of the People: December 3

Please join me in the Prayers of the people. When you hear me say, “God who surrounds us,” respond with “Hear our prayers.” read on

The December Mustard Seed

Read the December edition of The Mustard Seed read on

Prayers of the People: November 26

It is said that prayer is the Pilgrims walking stick. As chaos ricochets around the world, we ask that God’s peace descend upon us. May your words, God, be a buffer against the distractions of the world where fragmentation seems part of our lives. When you hear “May the blessing of Peace be upon us,” please read on