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For the Week of March 17

     LENT 2 —             The Sacrament of Baptism read on

AGM Annual Report

Our Annual General Meeting will follow Worship on Sunday, March 24, 2019, in the Church Hall. Read the report… read on

GracenoteVancouver: kôr

Kôr is an a cappella, adult mixed voice choir from Vancouver, BC. founded in 2018 and conducted by Malaika Horswill read on

Prayers of the People: March 3

Please join me today in the prayers of the people.  When you hear “God of transforming love” please answer, “Hear our prayers.” read on

Thank You from Canadian Foodgrains Bank

For the Proceeds from our Christmas Cantata read on

Prayers of the People: February 24

During the prayers, when you hear:  “God of our lives,” please respond with chold us in the great hands of light.” [the words of Mary Oliver from the poem we heard earlier]  Let us pray. read on

New Mustard Seed

the Mustard Seed   Current Edition February 2019 read on


NUC Wordle Bags: These bags look great and are very versatile.  read on

Prayers of the People: February 17

This prayer is based on a prayer written by Bruce Prewer.  When you hear the words,” Please reveal your compassion,” respond with, “Loving God, bring wholeness to all.”  Please reveal your compassion…    “Loving God, bring wholeness to all.” read on

Prayers of the People: February 10

Let us quiet our minds and open our hearts as we pray for those in the world and in our community. When you hear the phrase, “Oh Holy One,” please respond with, “hear our prayers.” read on