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For the Week of October 15

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost read on

Prayers of the People: October 8

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “God of praise and thanksgiving” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.” read on

The October Mustard Seed

Read the October edition of The Mustard Seed read on

Prayers of the People: October 1

In the United Church, we tend to avoid the use of the word “Lord” with capital “L” as a name for God. But apparently, the English word “lord,” small “l”, comes from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “bread keeper.” I think that’s a lovely image for God, who provides what we need, the bread of life and love. read on

Prayers of the People: September 24

Equinox is a time of balance. A balance between light and dark… Fire and Ice… External and internal. When you hear the words, “God who is always with us” please respond with, “Hear our prayers.” read on

David Latest Blog

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 Poverty in Nelson, BC Valerie Warmington, Nelson City Councilor and community activist, spoke to our Nelson United congregation on June 4th about poverty in BC and read on

David’s Blog

Tuesday, 16 May 2017 Thin Hope I haven’t blogged for a while.  I’ve been away; I’ve been sick.  And I’ve been discouraged. read on

Prayers of the People: May 7

Divine Mystery unfolding Creating Love fashioning – and transforming – even us We say thank you. read on

The Mustard Seed: May 2017

This is the current edition of the Mustard Seed read on

Extreme Heroism

Extreme Heroism: Let’s read it together Wednesdays Book Club at 1:30 pm  We’ll begin meeting at 1:30 pm Wednesday, May 17th in the Trinity Lounge.  If you’d like to join this book club, you will need to get a copy of John Prochaska’s Extreme Heroism. The Thursday morning book group is going to start in read on