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Prayers of the People: September 2

Please join me in the prayers of the people. Whenever you hear God called upon, please answer with “Hear our prayers.” read on

The Season of Creation

What is the “Season of Creation”? From 1 September to 4 October, Christians around the world are praying and caring for creation. It’s the “Season of Creation”. read on

Chancel Murals

As a member of our Church Décor Team, Marg Stacey has been for years, creating murals in the area behind the choir loft. These murals reflect the liturgical seasonal themes and are refreshed several times a year. read on

Prayers of the People: August 26

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “God, hear our prayers” please respond with “And in your love answer.” read on

Minister of Music — an Opportunity

A progressive, inclusive and Affirming congregation of Nelson United Church is seeking a Minister of Music, a skilled musician who can play the organ, the piano and direct our choirs. read on

A Proposal

“Nelson United Church Board Proposal to Build Our Congregation” was presented to the congregation after Worship on Sunday, August 12.  read on

Prayers of the People: August 12

 In the quiet of this sanctuary let us pause for a few moments Empty our minds of those pressures that haunt us and direct our Minds to seek out your presence in our living. When you hear the Words, “Ever present God” please respond, “hear our prayer”.  Let us pray. read on

Prayers of the People: August 5

When you hear the words, “God of All that is,” you may respond with, “Hear our Prayers” As our creator is always at work in this world, through all of us, let us pray… read on

David Latest Blog

Back to writing… It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog.  The reasons for not writing were personal, but it’s time to get back to sharing a few thoughts from time to time.  This is one way that I can contribute to a just and loving world.  It’s also been therapeutic for me to write.  read on

General Council 43

From General Council 43 in Oshawa, ON: On Sunday, July 22, the General Council Remits were ratified by an overwhelming 90% in favour. This, then, commences The United Church of Canada’s move to a three-court model and elimination of presbyteries by January 1, 2019.   read on