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Prayers of the People: March 4

Oh, to wash the world! So much needs to be righted and healed. As small city folk, we have not the reach to fix it all! But we can do it in small voices, and the small voices can become a big chorus. We can start with the strength of communal prayer. Join me today read on

Prayers of the People: February 25

Along with today’s psalm and gospel reading the companion Hebrew scripture is from Genesis and is one of the many stories of Sarah and Abraham. I find comfort and encouragement in their stories. read on

Prayers of the People: February 18

Let us quiet our minds and open our hearts as we pray for those in the world and in our community. When you hear the phrase, “Oh Holy One” please respond with  “hear our prayers.” read on

Prayers of the People: February 11

Creator God, we see hints of the springtime that is coming – in greening bud of Forsythia and Japonica; in return of soft, cheery and familiar birdcall; the drip off rooftop and disappearance of melting snow cover, with more confident footsteps down the bare sidewalk. read on

The Mustard Seed: Lent

Read the current Version read on

Prayers of the People: January 28

 God of Light, teach us to be followers of your law, despite our human fallibility. Help us to trust in you and in the love you would have for us, and to understand that your law is dependent on us needing one another and that no one is any less important. So, when you hear read on

Lenten Study Opportunities

Thursday Morning Book Group and Wednesday Evening Study read on

Prayers of the People: January 7

As we prepare our hearts for prayer, I ask each of us to take a moment to think of something that we are truly grateful for in our lives. It might be something small, or something quite significant. It might come to mind right away, or perhaps it might take awhile. When you hear the words read on

NUC Children and Youth

In the New Year read on

Prayers of the People: December 17

During the prayers, when I say: “Spirit of Grace and Love” please respond with “hold us and lift us.”   In our silence, and as one, we breathe deeply and rest our minds and bodies, answering the call to prayer.  Let us pray. read on