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Prayers of the People: June 24

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “Lamb of God” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.” read on

Prayers of the People: June 10

 Today we pray and ask that the mission of the United Church, Nelson United, and all organizations who reach out to do your work, will be strengthened, through us, and by others, to assist our communities.  Help us to build and sustain relationships to improve your world, by those who seek social, economic, environmental and read on

The June Mustard Seed

Read the current edition of the NUC newsletter read on

Prayers of the People: June 3

Will you all join me in the Prayers of the People, and when you hear “God of simplicity,” please respond with “hear our prayers”. read on

Reframing Ministry

About 40 people from congregations across the West Kootenay explored the changing spiritual landscape that gives rise to new ways the Spirit of God is working in the world with Beth Estock and George Meier. read on

Prayers of the People: May 6

When you hear the words, ‘God of Boundless Love’, please answer with ‘Hear our Prayers’. Let us quiet ourselves as we pray… read on

Prayers of the People: April 29

Let us prepare to pray as we listen to today’s Prayers of the People: It is available to anyone and anything. As often as it may be used, the power of its purpose, its sincerity and its intent, remains undeterred, undiluted, undiminished. read on

Prayers of the People: April 22

   When you hear the words, “O Creator of the Earth,” please respond with “Hear our prayers.” read on

Prayers of the People: April 15

To the bidding, “God of peace and love,” please respond:  “Hear our prayers.” Let us come together in prayer: God of peace and love…    “Hear our prayers.” read on

Mustard Seed: Easter–Spring

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