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Reflection: February 18 — LENT 1

         In the February 16th Daily Devotional that I receive from The United Church of Christ, our sister denomination in the US, Anthony Robinson wrote about asking for help. When he was younger, he asked his professor at Union Seminary in New York about what the difference was between predominantly black and predominantly white congregations. read on

The Mustard Seed: Lent

Read the current Version read on

The Season of Lent

Lent is a season of the Christian Year when Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting in order to grow closer to God.   What is Lent – A Time Set Aside Just as we set aside time to spiritually prepare for Christmas Day, it makes sense to set aside time to prepare for read on

Support Rights and Protections for Transgender Canadians

The United Church is opposed to discrimination against any person on any basis, including gender identity. Transgender and genderqueer people face ongoing discrimination and can have serious difficulties accessing housing, health care, and employment. They frequently do not receive adequate protection under the law and are too often victims of violence. Trans people deserve to read on

Supporting Nelson Pride

Nelson United Church has supported Pride by marching in the parade every Labour Day weekend for 20 years.  read on

Seven Ways to Raise Children in Faith

What I learned at one of the workshops at the Inspire Conference this spring… Robin Seven Ways to Raise Children in Faith (Using What You Are Already Doing) read on

Children & Youth Programs

Thanks all for a great year of Youth Group meetings! We will start up again in September. In the meantime, if you would like to send us suggestions for next year, read on

Assistance for Fort McMurray

  June 15 2016 Dear sisters and brothers in Christ: Where ever you are – whether you are back in Fort McMurray or still away – know that your church is here for you…   read on

Flying the Colours

You may have noticed that the flags that once adorned the back wall of the sanctuary are now flying freely from the rooftop. Thank you to Bob Steed and Diane Holt for climbing through the small upstairs window to do the job.   We have been asked why they are being displayed and what is read on

Climate Justice Resouce

Guide for organizing a Climate Justice Discussion Group: Working Toward the Future We Want read on