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Reflection: May 5

Scriptures: Revelation 5:11-14 & John 21:1-19 Sermon Title: “Kneeling: A Metaphor for Every Day.” Rev. Carol Prochaska Thanks to a space telescope astrophysicists now know that our galaxy is only one of the trillions of galaxies. Experts now think the question isn’t whether there is life elsewhere, but how to find it. So states the March National read on


Easter as an annual celebration of the Resurrection that lies at the center of a liturgical year has been observed at least since the fourth century. read on

Easter 2019 Mustard Seed

Easter 2019  If you experience difficulty using the “Flipbook” edition, please read this version: Easter 2019   read on

NUC Scholarships

Applications for Brett Scholarship and the Women’s Scholarship are available on our website Follow this link and submit your application by May 31st The Allen Scholarship recipient is a grade 12 LVR student.         read on


NUC Wordle Bags: These bags look great and are very versatile.  read on

Chancel Murals

As a member of our Church Décor Team, Marg Stacey has been for years, creating murals in the area behind the choir loft. These murals reflect the liturgical seasonal themes and are refreshed several times a year. read on

Support Rights and Protections for Transgender Canadians

The United Church is opposed to discrimination against any person on any basis, including gender identity. Transgender and genderqueer people face ongoing discrimination and can have serious difficulties accessing housing, health care, and employment. They frequently do not receive adequate protection under the law and are too often victims of violence. Trans people deserve to read on

Supporting Nelson Pride

Nelson United Church has supported Pride by marching in the parade every Labour Day weekend for 20 years.  read on

Seven Ways to Raise Children in Faith

What I learned at one of the workshops at the Inspire Conference this spring… Robin Seven Ways to Raise Children in Faith (Using What You Are Already Doing) read on

Children & Youth Programs

Thanks all for a great year of Youth Group meetings! We will start up again in September. In the meantime, if you would like to send us suggestions for next year, read on