Transcripts of the minister’s reflection

Reflection: August 13

Hope: Risk and Responsibility.                Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33         From turmoil to calm, from sinking to supported, from terrified to reverence — this is the disciples’ journey we have just witnessed. We’ve been in that boat. We know about 3:00 a.m. darkness. We know what it read on

Reflection: August 6

 When I was a young man, in my early and mid-20’s, I was part of a meditation group; we meditated in a variety of ways and talked about spirituality. We talked about healing and dreams, using Carl Jung as a template. It was a fascinating experience that lasted for a few years and then gradually, we all ended up read on

Reflection: July 30

Scripture: Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Kindom Moments in Our Lives.                 ~Rev. Carol Prochaska The Greek word is basileia (bas-il-l-ah). We’ve known it as the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven. This Greek word has also been translated as God’s realm, God’s reign, God’s empire, God’s commonwealth, read on

Reflection: July 23

Uncertainty: A Spiritual Gift?                 Scripture: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 Rev. Carol Prochaska Parables have been described as “strange stories” that “tease us into thinking”. This one concerning the farmer and the wheat and the weeds has undeniably “teased me into thinking” again and again! Why me Lord? Could read on

Reflection: July 9

“Who said my yoke was easy?”          Fred Cradock was a great preacher and biblical scholar, but equally as important, a wise and compassionate human being. I had the pleasure to meet him and hear him speak at Epiphany Explorations in Victoria a few years ago. Craddock shared his wisdom in a set of biblical read on

Reflection: July 2 – Our 22nd Anniversary

         Part of what is delightful about holidays is that you can read novels to your heart’s content. I finished a couple of noteworthy novels in the last couple of weeks. I read a book by Fredrik Backman called A Man Called Ove. It was an excellent book about a rather curmudgeonly sort that exposes read on

Reflection: June 25

If we only had today’s story from Genesis, we would have a very incomplete picture of the woman Hagar, and would likely make similar errors to the ones that have been made for centuries. So – to have a more complete picture, let’s go back to the beginning of Hagar’s appearance in this complicated “marriage read on

Reflection: June 18

Scripture: Genesis 18:1–15 (21:1–7) When you heard the reading from Genesis, were you able to picture the story? Were you able to picture yourself in it? Now picture this – what would have happened if Abraham had not invited the three men in? What would have happened if Abraham had simply bid them “good day” and read on

Reflection: June 11

         When we were living in Matheson, in Northern Ontario, different people were invited to offer words at the graduation from grade 7 to high school. The school in Matheson had an elementary school that was from Junior kindergarten to grade 7, if my memory serves! That’s quite an age gap.          I talked about read on

Reflection: May 21

Acts 17:22-31 Good news! Did you hear that? You are God’s child! We are all God’s children! Listen to the way Paul talks to the people in Athens. In this day and age where politics is full of divisive rhetoric, we could learn a thing or two from this nearly two-thousand-year-old speech. “From one ancestor, read on