Transcripts of the minister’s reflection

Reflection: March 11

         Thirty years ago, I was a new minister in Northern Ontario, had benefitted from being within ½-hour of a wise, beloved minister who was nearing retirement and gently shared his wisdom and experience and had finally learned to preach a sermon rather than read a university essay. The Sunday Scripture reading read on

Reflection: March 4

         At our Wednesday evening Lenten Study about women in the Bible, Dr. Lisa Michele Wolfe is the presenter. She’s a humourous, knowledgeable and entertaining teacher. She’s an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and teaches at Oklahoma City University. She describes herself as a “Bible nerd.” We’ve just gone read on

Reflection: February 25

         I was listening to a bit of As It Happens on CBC radio last week, and I heard a speech given by one of the survivors of the school attack in Florida; Lorenzo Prada talked about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead and many injured. read on

Reflection: February 18 — LENT 1

         In the February 16th Daily Devotional that I receive from The United Church of Christ, our sister denomination in the US, Anthony Robinson wrote about asking for help. When he was younger, he asked his professor at Union Seminary in New York about what the difference was between predominantly black and predominantly white congregations. read on

Reflection: February 11 — TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY

         Twenty-nine years ago, I preached on this Transfiguration passage at a community worship service at Vancouver School of Theology—VST. Last week was theological Education Sunday; I’m not sure what Robin and Carol did, but as you know we are all veterans of VST, Carol attending a couple of years before me and Robin… years read on

Reflection: January 28

         “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom; those who practice it have good understanding. May your praise endure forever.”          These three phrases comprise the last of the acrostic poem that is Psalm 111; each phrase starts, respectively, with the last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, “Resh, Shin, and Taw.” As I read on

Reflection: January 21

         Many years ago, I heard a wonderful storyteller tell the story of Jonah; she told it vividly, with humour, and straight off the cuff. It really brought this quaint, odd little story of Jonah alive.          Jonah, as a Biblical book, is included in the section of the Bible that is read on

Reflection: January 14

         There’s an interesting line in the story about Samuel as a boy being called by God to be a prophet: “The voice of God was rarely heard—prophesy was uncommon.” It makes you wonder what life was like before Samuel. I guess there was a time when prophecy was heard often; perhaps this harkens back read on

Reflection: January 7—Epiphany

         While on sabbatical in Palestine and Israel four years ago, our tour visited the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. It is the traditional site where it is thought Jesus was born. Usually, there is a huge line-up of tourists to see the actual traditional spot within the church. No one read on

Reflection: December 17 – ADVENT 3

         I wrote this sermon with Mel’s memorial still ringing in my ears, as it were. I wrote it also as an expression with my own struggles to find and live out joy and gratitude. One of the things I appreciated about Mel was his presence; he quite simply loved the life that was his read on