Transcripts of the minister’s reflection

Reflection: February 10

My call to the ministry was neither dramatic nor spectacular. It came neither by some miraculous vision nor by some blinding light experience on the road of life.  Moreover, it did not come as a sudden realization.  Rather, it was a response to an inner urge that gradually came upon me. This urge expressed itself read on

Reflection: February 3

Scripture: Luke 4:21-30        (By Robin Murray, with pieces from Carol Prochaska’s intended sermon for the day.) Wait, what was that… that Peter just read to us? The people in his hometown tried to throw Jesus off a cliff? Yep, it’s true. Those hometown folks were, as one translation says, “filled with rage”.  The Greek read on

Reflection: January 27

Scripture: Luke 4:14-21 Sermon Title: Tomorrow Has Begun Today Rev. Carol Prochaska   We human beings have a deep hunger for good news words.  With all life’s challenges we need words chosen and arranged in such a way that we may be comforted, encouraged, or enlightened – and in some way transformed.  Words can be read on

Reflection: January 13

         I don’t know where I first heard the song, Be Not Afraid, (written by Bob Dufford a Jesuit priest from St. Louis, based on Isaiah 43:2–3),  that we’ll sing in a few minutes.  It’s from 1975 and it might be that my parents had a recording of this song, probably a cassette but read on

Reflection: Christmas Day, 2018

The beloved Fred Craddock, who taught preaching for so many years and shared his wisdom in deep ways and was a positive ministry influence to many of us of a certain generation, tells a story about Christmas; this was sometime after WW2: My now deceased friend, Oswald Goulter, thirty years a missionary to China, was read on

Christmas Eve, 2018

         I have had a few interesting conversations this year with people who remember the feelings they had at Christmas when they were a child.  Part of the sadness that many express is that they can’t seem to manufacture those childhood feelings of awe, mystery and even magic as an adult.  Many read on

Reflection: December 16 – ADVENT 3

         I’m going to leave John the Baptist preaching out in the desert at the River Jordan this morning. It’s not that I don’t like John, but I want to focus on Paul’s reminder to rejoice, to be patient and to experience the deep peace of God.          I did an Advent/Christmas service at Jubilee, Mountain Lake and read on

Reflection: December 9 – ADVENT 2

         I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I like cleaning—probably even Janet finds this surprising.  I have to admit that I don’t always have the energy for it, but I like vacuuming and straightening things out; I don’t even mind cleaning toilets. Doing dishes?  A piece of cake.  Dusting I’m not so keen on. read on

Reflection: December 2 – ADVENT 1

         I loved the daily devotional from the United Church of Christ for last November 23rd and so I share some of it with you again today.  (I don’t know how I stumbled on these daily devotionals, but I get a lot out of them!)  The reflection was by Elsa Cook and the devotional was read on

Reflection: November 25

Stewardship Sermon: Consecration Sunday          As we centre on stewardship today at the end of our stewardship campaign, I want to focus on gratitude.          Firstly, I want to say thank you, and express my gratitude both personally and on behalf of the Board, for your rich contributions to the life of our church family.  read on