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The booklet above is the outline and collection of information gathered in the “Building for the Future” undertaking Nelson United Church has been involved in since benefiting from a $1oo,ooo bequest made in November 2015. This was also described in the November 2016 edition of The Mustard Seed.

In summary:
November 16, 2015, Morgan Gould attended a Church Board meeting as a consultant regarding legacy giving. There was a discussion about developing a “vision” and holding “cottage meetings.” These discussions continued at our Board meetings in January 2016 and February 2016. 

May 2, 2016: A Stewardship Plan became a “future conferencing” plan called “Building for the Future” facilitated by “cottage meetings.”  During June 2016 to August 2016, cottage meetings were held and  focused on imaginative scenarios for “NUC in the Year 2031.”  Our first “Town Hall Meeting” to summarize scenarios from cottage meetings was held in September 2016.

In October we reached out to “Community Connections” and over the next few months, we engaged with our community partners, meeting with them, asking for their input to what role NUC could have in Nelson in the future. In April 2017, in another Town Hall meeting with our partners and congregation, we gathered more information towards our vision. 

In May 2017, NUC Board members sifted through accumulated data and developed five visions themes: hospitality, Arts, Conversation Space, Education, Healing and Wholeness. On June 11, 2017, a Town Hall Presentation focused on narrowing and prioritizing our vision. All congregation members present had the opportunity to choose their priorities under five headings in a process termed “dot-ocracy” (cast your vote by placing a sticky dot under a topic). This was summarized in the June 2017 edition of The Mustard Seed

The Board then focused on developing a Vision Statement for Nelson United Church which would guide our progress over the next years. In developing a vision statement, the Board had various drafts:

June 14, 2017 – First Vision Statement:

Nelson United Church: An unlikely community of spirit –
seeking people becoming friends.
Welcoming, Affirming, Justice – making and Loving.

 August 22, 2017 – Second Vision Statement

Whereas : We dare to live the Way of Jesus, embodying the Love of God. (Mission Statement)
Whereas: God calls us to be a loving, inclusive and compassionate people, who following Christ’s teachings, gather to worship, celebrate the gift of love, live with respect in creation and seek justice and welcome for all regardless of, but not limited to, the following: age, race, colour, ancestry or place of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, physical and mental ability and economic status. (Statement of Faith and Action)
Whereas: We were gifted with $100,000 which precipitated the “Building for the Future” visioning.
Therefore: We seek to partner with others to create a sustainable future.

 October 11, 2017 – Third Vision Statement

Nelson United Church strives to be a radical welcoming community where people gather to question, challenge and seek out life-giving experiences of love and compassion.
As a people of faith, we celebrate wholeness and well being by affirming all life, engaging our differences and living more wholly and mindfully in creation.
We seek to partner with others in the wider community to create just relations every day.

October 17, 2017 – Fourth Vision Statement

•  At Nelson United Church we value being a church where we gather to encounter the Spirit, to explore being community together and where we give back to our wider community. We strive to be a church where we can question, challenge and hunger for transformational experiences of the sacred as individuals and as part of all creation….
•  As people of faith, love and compassion, we affirm that we are each created as whole beings. We strive to enhance our spiritual, physical and emotional well being by affirming that we are part of God’s great gift of life by engaging our differences and by living mindfully beside and with one another.
•  We do not live in isolation, but are part of the wider community; we have energy and a physical space with which we can partner with others to create a world of justice, just relations, beauty, love and hope every day.

At the last Town Hall meeting on November 12, the fourth version was presented for consideration. Feedback was given and the Board has resumed its effort to create a statement for a congregation consideration.

This booklet is the information presented by David on November 12:


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