Extreme Heroism

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Extreme Heroism: Let’s read it together
Wednesdays Book Club at 1:30 pm 
We’ll begin meeting at 1:30 pm Wednesday, May 17th in the Trinity Lounge.  If you’d like to join this book club, you will need to get a copy of John Prochaska’s Extreme Heroism.

The Thursday morning book group is going to start in May and we’ll be reading Extreme Heroism, John Prochaska’s book. We start at  6:30—that’s a.m.—with breakfast prepared by one of the group, and we’re finished by 8 a.m. 


Let’s start Thursday, May 4th. Let David Boyd know if you’d like to come out early in the morning to talk about heroism; you’ll need a copy of the book, too.
Alternatively, interest has been  expressed by people who would like to read to read Extreme Heroism, just not at 6:30 am!.  Are there ideas like having a book group over lunch or late afternoon or even a mid-morning coffee group? Please let David know if you have a preference other than Thursday mornings—please let him know the time and day of the week that would work for you.

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