For the Week of May 13

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               Seventh Sunday of Easter

Sunday, May 13th – Seventh Sunday of Easter
        9:45 am – Pre-worship singing in the Sanctuary   

     10:00 am – Worship in the Sanctuary.  Scripture readings: Acts 1:1-11; Psalm 93; Ephesians 1:15-23;

       7:30 pm – Contemplative Prayer in Trinity Lounge/Chapel
Monday, May 14th
            1:30 pm – Prayer Shawl meeting – Trinity Lounge

Tuesday, May 15th
          8:30 am – Chair Yoga in the Church Hall
        10:30 am – Worship Service at Nelson Jubilee Manor
         2:00 pm  Worship Service at Mountain Lake Seniors Com.

Wednesday, May 16th
          10:00 am – Mid-Morning Book Study – Trinity Lounge
          10:00 am – Worship Service at Lakeview Village 
            7:00 pm – Bell Choir Rehearsal – St. Paul’s Room

Thursday, May 17th
          7:00 pm – Chancel Choir Rehearsal – Sanctuary

Friday, May 18th

Saturday, May 19th

Sunday, May 20th – PENTECOST SUNDAY
        9:45 am – Pre-worship singing in the Sanctuary  
     10:00 am – Worship in the Sanctuary.  Scripture readings:  Acts 2:1-21 or Ezekiel 37:1-14Psalm 104:24-34, 35bRomans 8:22-27 or Acts 2:1-21John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15
        7:30 pm – Contemplative Prayer in Trinity Lounge/Chapel


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For the Children 
 Children are always welcome and encouraged to come to church on Sunday. 
We have a Nursery Room available upstairs by the balcony, 
Quiet Play Centre in the front right-hand side of the sanctuary
and activity packages are available from the ushers. 

Intergenerational Sunday
The first Sunday of each month is Communion Sunday
and is an Intergenerational Sunday, 
so the children do not go to Sunday School. 
Activity packages are available from the ushers. 

We Are An Affirming Ministry
As an Affirming Ministry, we celebrate the diversity of God’s creation.
We celebrate the richness of our community when we
have diversity in age, gender identity,
racial/cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, ability,
and family configurations.
We seek to create a safe space
with an open invitation to bring every aspect of your whole self into
your participation within this ministry. 


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The flowers this morning are
in loving memory of Ellie’s parents,
Norm and Kay Manson. 


Staff Schedule
Thank you to Robin for leading us in worship today.
David is on holiday and will be back in the office tomorrow, May 14th.  

Congratulations to Robin Murray, M.Div 
for completing her graduate studies and receiving a Master of Divinity!

Thank You … 
              To the UCW for providing a lovely memorial reception for Gordon Mackie and his family and
              To Bev Robertson for organizing.
              To Doug Scott and Lorna Inkster for joining Barbara Couch on the Security Call Out List.
             To Jody Dudley, Lena Horswill, Roy Nelson, and Robin Murray for attending the Reframing Ministry in a Changing Spiritual Landscape at Trail United Church.

With Heartfelt Thanks
Lorraine Mackie and family thank everyone who helped with the May 5th memorial service and tea for Gordon.

Caritas Retreat Thanks
Thank you to facilitator Carol Prochaska and organizer Barbara Couch for last weekend’s Caritas Retreat in beautiful Dutch Harbour in Riondel.  It was a special time of fellowship as we continued our journeys in faith.

Spirit Winds Recorder Ensemble
 is starting rehearsals for a new session, so now is the time to join! Talk to Robin Murray

Scholarship Applications
Applications and details for the Guildford Brett Music Scholarship
and the NUC Women’s Scholarship are available in the narthex, the church office or on our website. The deadline date for each of these applications is May 31st.

Sunday School and Graduate Recognition, Sunday, June 24th
We will be honouring our high school and post secondary graduates.  If you have a graduate in your family who would like to be remembered during the service or who is able to take part, please contact the church office.  On that Sunday we will also  be recognizing the contributions of our students and teachers in Sunday School this year.

Interested in Making a Donation to Camp Koolaree?
If you are interested in helping out with the many expenses incurred in maintaining Camp Koolaree or would like to sponsor a young camper, donations are gratefully accepted.  Donations may be made via their website:  or you may make a donation via NUC, marking on your offering envelope or cheque’s memo line that the donation is for Camp Koolaree.

The Mid-Morning Book Study
10:00 am in the Trinity Lounge. We will discuss Joyce Rupp’s latest book “Boundless Compassion”. It has been written with study groups in mind and each of the six chapters includes quotes, a prayer, scripture verse and a chapter end review with further reflective questions. To join us in this experience of fellowship leave your name at the church office or contact Doug Scott for info.

Second Annual Mother’s Day Rally for Peace —May 13th, 1-3 pm
at the Rotary Shelter at Lakeside Park. Featuring the 1880 Mother’s Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe.  Singing, speeches, and dances of universal peace.  Please bring finger food to share.  KAIROS is the organizer. Info: Sandra, 250-352-9871 

Spring Coffee Party
Spring is springing! UCW will be hosting a Spring Coffee Party on May 19th from 10 till 12. and enjoy coffee and coffee cake for just $5. , plants, books, jewelry and free trade items will be available as well. it a date, and bring your friends! Donations of books and/or baking are welcome and should be at the church by 3:00-3:30 pm (set-up time) on Friday the 18th.

Important Reminder Regarding our Prayer List
Whenever adding a person’s name to our prayer list, please be respectful of that person’s privacy and Check with them or their family to make sure they want to be on the prayer list. Do not share their personal health information unless they say it is ok to share it. Please contact the office to ensure all details are correct and the name is added to the bulletin. Thank you for being a community full of love and compassion.

Youth Ministry
Sunday School at Nelson United Church: from Jan. 14th– June 17th we offer three Sunday School classes during the second half of most 10 am Sunday services, except the first Sunday of every month, when we celebrate communion.There is a class for children ages 3-6 years, a class for children ages 7-11 years, and a class for youth in Grade 6 & up.Children under 3 are welcome to join the youngest class accompanied by their own caregiver.

Youth Group at Nelson United Church: meets the second and fourth Fridays of the month from 7-9 pm, downstairs in the Church Hall.Youth in Grades 6-12 are invited to join us for games, snacks, friendship and meaningful conversations.

Gifts with Vision Catalogue
Searching for new and meaningful gift ideas this year?  You will find something for everyone on your list in the “Gifts with Vision”, the United Church’s giving catalogue.  The catalogues are available in the Narthex or online:

Spirit Winds Recorder Ensemble
Spirit Winds Recorder Ensemble is starting a new set of music, so if you have been thinking about joining, now is a perfect time! If you need an instrument, we have soprano recorders available. Rehearsals are at noon on Sundays. Please talk to Robin Murray, or 250-352-2822.

We Know That You Are Out there
The Pastoral Care Team is looking for people to help support members of our congregation. Do you like to play games? Visit? Could you help drive others to church or church events? Just a little bit of help can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Are you already doing this? We’d like to hear about it. For more information please contact a member of the Pastoral Care Team:  David Boyd, Dorothy Wayling, Dianne Harke, Irene McIlwaine, Joe Woodward, Judy Cameron, Robin Murray, Wendy Steed, Willa Horsfall. 

Chair Yoga with Instructor, Clement
All are welcome to join in gentle chair yoga classes Tuesdays at 8:30 am in the Church Hall;
And Thursdays at 8:20 am at the Seniors Centre.

Scent Free Church
Please remember to refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, aftershaves and all other scented products to church.  We have some members with allergies to these products.

Affirm United’s Newsletter:   Consensus… Click to read

Caring Casseroles
Do you know someone (or yourself) who would be helped by having a pre-made meal?  There are a variety (vegetarian, gluten-free, and meat) of casseroles in the freezer in our kitchen.  Please let Donna Strongman know and it could be delivered, or take it yourself.

Prayer Shawl Group
Over 165 hand knitted or crocheted prayer shawls have been lovingly created by members of the Prayer Shawl Group.  The shawls have been received by those appreciating a ‘warm hug filled with God’s love’.  Anyone wishing to knit or crochet prayer shawls (beginners welcome!) are invited to join us in the Trinity Lounge the first Monday of each month at 1:30 pm. 


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