Kootenay Presbytery Report

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Presbytery Reps, Leah Gray and Nancy Jones attended the Kootenay Presbytery Fall Gathering at Trinity United Church in Creston on October 24–26. Here are some notes about the event:


Fall Presbytery 2014
Theme: Transformative Change: “Behold, I Make all Things New.”

Oct. 24-26 marked the end of Harvest in the Creston Valley—The Farmer’s Market held its last sale, Spectrum Farms closed for the season (it donates its produce to needy folk), the apples were at their prime and visiting members of Presbytery benefited by being fed with the wonderful bounty. Friday afternoon, the following teams met and discussed future plans:

Administration, Spiritual Care, Outdoor Ministry and Youth, Justice and Peace, Pensioners, Mission support and Support to Congregations. Worship on Friday evening was led by Christine Dudley from Kimberley and then representatives were entertained by an engaging workshop by Suzanne Pederson on Transformative Change. The highlight was a video titled “Who Moved the Cheese?” which reminded everyone about the need for change. 

Worship Saturday morning was led by Therese Des Camps and then David Boyd facilitated an informative session called “Trends for the Church in a Post-Modern World” based on the research of Roger Nishioka. The 21st reformation of the church, its challenges and an understanding of future direction were all discussed. (See Nov. 2014 Mustard Seed/NUC) Business was conducted after lunch and then groups were formed to discuss:

Empowering Lay Leadership
Empowering Youth Leadership
Examples of Congregational Transformative Change
Justice Work and Transformation

Saturday evening was a time for story telling and individuals shared their personal transformative changes. The closing involved the youth in worship. It included a skit which they had created.

Sunday morning, members of Presbytery joined the Trinity United congregation for worship and communion led by Shelly. Lunch was again exceptional with ingredients from the Creston gardens. Change is evident in Creston with the turning of their sanctuary into a thrift shop and their hall into the sanctuary. Service takes place with members sitting at tables, café style, with screens at two ends of the room. This was a comfortable arrangement and allowed for better contact between worshippers.

 Thanks to the whole Presbyter executive, Shelly Stickle-Miles and the members of Trinity United for a great weekend. Those from the West Kootenays are also thankful that the Salmo-Creston highway was free of snow for our journey home.



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