Lenten Study Opportunities

Published on Jan 15th, 2018 by Webminister | 0

Thursday Morning Book Group and Wednesday Evening Study


1. Thursday Morning Book Group: Are you interested in joining others in discussing a book at 6:45 am Thursday mornings?  Then this is the group for you.  Starting on Thursday, February 15th, we’ll gather to read a book by Brother David Steindl-Rast, The Way of Silence.  From the book, “The tranquillity of order is a dynamic tranquillity, the stillness of a flame burning in perfect calm, of a wheel spinning so fast that it seems to stand still. Silence in this sense is not only a quality of the environment but primarily an attitude, an attitude of listening. … Let us give to one another that gift of silence so that we can listen together and listen to one another. Only in this silence will we be able to hear that gentle breath of peace, that music to which the spheres dance, that universal harmony to which we, too, hope to dance.”

Let David or Lois know of your interest, and we’ll order a book for you.

2. Wednesday Evening Study: We’ve used the Living the Questions series before; here’s another that we’ll use in Lent, Wednesday evenings at 7 pm: Uppity Women of the Bible.  Hebrew Bible Professor Dr. Lisa Wolfe will present on 4 books of the Hebrew Scriptures—Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs, and Judith.  Each session will involve video presentation and discussion.  If you are interested, please let David or Lois know.  We’ll begin on Wednesday evening, February 21st.

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