NUC and Nelson Food Cupboard

Published on Jul 14th, 2018 by Webminister | 0

The Board of NUC and the Nelson Food Cupboard Board have signed a ten-year lease which will provide for the Food Cupboard to have use of the Church Hall and Kitchen from Mondays to Thursdays to expand their service and programs to the community of Nelson.

The Nelson Food Cupboard has plans to renovate the church’s lower hall to make it even more welcoming to our program participants, volunteers and staff.

They are in the initial stages of planning but will focus on things like bringing in more natural light, changing the flooring and ceiling, and making the office space more functional. Not too far down the road, upgrading the kitchen to more commercial standards so our cooking, food prep and preserving classes—as well as our community meals—will benefit.

The change of the space is very good news for the people we serve, and it’ll contribute to the success of our four programs (Food Skills, Good Food Bank, Harvest Rescue and Garden). Though it’s particularly good news for people connected to the Food Cupboard, it’s also good news for the other community groups which are still welcome to use the new and improved space from time to time for their events.

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