Prayers of the People: April 22

Published on Apr 24th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0
 When you hear the words, “O Creator of the Earth,” please respond with “Hear our prayers.”

 O Living God, you gave of your love so that all life might blossom.  Your primordial chaos let the crocus bloom, the beluga swim, baby birds peep in the nest, mighty rivers flow, fluffy clouds float in the blue sky.  From your primordial chaos are the nutrients of Earth and Life.  Thank you for the living and creative process that flows throughout the cosmos, to us and to all creation.  Your process is beyond our comprehension and beyond our wildest imagination.  You are generosity and hospitality, wisdom and curiosity, energy and rest.  Thank you that your Mind and Heart lies deep inside us all.  Thank you for the gift of Jesus, who taught us to know Earth to be holy, all creatures to be kin, and the universe to be One.  We live and die inside that miracle.  Thank you, O wondrous God, thank you, for life.  O Creator of the Earth…    “Hear our prayers.”
We hear Earth’s joyful songs here in the Kootenays and ask your blessing upon all life on this Earth Day.  We are grateful for the rivers and streams that are starting to run with energy down the mountains, for the mountains themselves and the life-giving sustenance they provide.  Stir within us until we dare to listen and see, touch and taste the wonder of Earth’s life.  Awaken us to awe that leads to conviction and humility.  We ask your blessing upon the Boards of Directors of Rock Lake Camp and Camp Koolaree. O Creator of the Earth…    “Hear our prayers.”
Loving God, we feel helpless and despair of making all things good again.  Mining practices around the world cause pollution and social disruption.  Plastic pollution is causing animals to be sick and microplastics are everywhere.  O Christ, come among us as you came among your frightened disciples.  Raise in us a blessed restlessness until Earth resurrects and we glimpse the fullness of our being and yours.  We pray for all who work to heal Earth: scientists, politicians, and government leaders; nature lovers and our youngest children.  We pray for peacekeepers and peace-makers around the world, and their families at home; we pray for health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world through many organizations; we pray for our kin at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.  And today we offer our prayers for the people of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia; may they know the renewal of society and the earth. O Creator of the Earth…    “Hear our prayers.”
We pray for all who are destroying Earth: for poachers who indiscriminately kill, for sidewalk users dropping litter as they go, for executives and managers seeking far too much profit, and for all of us who have abundance and yet want more.  Bless us so that our unexamined thoughts and assumptions are challenged and move us to work for change.  Bless us so that our sense of community becomes more noble and important than our sense of entitlement and self.  Bless us to regard our life and all forms of life with utter reverence.   O Creator of the Earth…    “Hear our prayers.”
Lead us ever more boldly into the gift of new life; and so, we pray for all who are hurting and in pain, naming those on our Prayer List, and others we now name…      …for all victims of violence around the world and their families left to pick up the pieces…    O Creator of the Earth…    “Hear our prayers.”
And we all say… “Amen!”

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