Prayers of the People: August 12

Published on Aug 11th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0

 In the quiet of this sanctuary let us pause for a few moments Empty our minds of those pressures that haunt us and direct our Minds to seek out your presence in our living. When you hear the Words, “Ever present God” please respond, “hear our prayer”.  Let us pray.

 We bring ourselves into your care, our lives and daily living And ask your blessings on us. Create in us clean hearts and minds and direct us in the ways of your son, Jesus, ever mindful of him as a model of your wishes. Ever present God… “Hear our Prayer.”

 We are beset with many troubling situations causing us anxiety and worry. Among these are the refugee and migrant population, our homeless and those living on the outskirts of society. At the forefront, though, are the forest fires burning that are threatening the safety and well being of our population and the firefighters and crews working to quell them. Grant them aid and comfort and success. Ever present God… “Hear our Prayer.”

 In our Kootenay prayer roster, we recognize all those giving their time and talent serving on our presbytery ministry teams. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we ask your blessings for the church in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. Then also we pray for our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, peacemakers, peacekeepers, health care workers, educators and all disciplines working in organizations around the world. In our Nelson United Church family, we bring all those named in our Prayer List. Ever present God… “Hear our Prayer.”

 Gracious God, accept our work here at Nelson United Church. Guide each of us in our endeavours to bring betterment to all those on the outskirts. Bless our staff and volunteers, David, our minister, and Janet, and their family. As our church nears the beginning of a new church year direct our thinking toward the positives. Embolden us toward new ventures in the sure knowledge that we are not alone but are guided and encouraged by your presence. Teach us to listen with our hearts, hear with open minds and encompass the world of possibility. Ever present God… “Hear our Prayer.”

 We are so blessed and fortunate to live here in this our Canada, amidst nature’s beauty and tranquillity. We thank you for this gift to us, for the flora and fauna, rain, morning sun with day’s newness, and star-filled nights of darkness for rest. We thank you, God, for life and friends and all you send.”

 And together we say, “Amen!”



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