Prayers of the People: December 31

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Prayers of the People: December 31

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer. When you hear the words “God of Peace and grace,” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.

As we begin a new year, we reflect on how we have lived our lives over the past year. Have we made good decisions? Have we lived with hope, joy and a positive attitude? Have we practiced loving kindness with our family, our friends and those less fortunate than ourselves? Beginning a new year gives us the opportunity to truly live in the circle of God’s grace. God of Peace and grace…      “Hear our Prayers.

God of all blessings, we rejoice in the spirit of love and fellowship during this festive season. We ask that you bless all peacemakers, peacekeepers and their families. We offer prayers of support for health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world in various organizations. Shine your light of love and faith on our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer cycle this week, we pray for all those who will be organizing the new season of camping at Camp Koolaree and Rock Lake. We wish all members of Kootenay Presbytery a very blessed 2018. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we present our prayers for the people of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.God of Peace and grace…      “Hear our Prayers.

Patient and Caring God, we lay before you our concerns for all those who are ill or in pain; those who grieve; those who feel lonely, dejected, forgotten; those who are oppressed and endangered.  We especially remember before you today all those named in our Prayer List. We pause at this time to name, either silently or aloud, all those for whom we feel concern…     …God of Peace and grace…      “Hear our Prayers.

With every step that we take into the New Year, we remember that You, God are always with us. You remind us to take time to celebrate and laugh, to reflect and forgive, to seek justice and meet challenges. You encourage us to respond faithfully as we work toward peace and harmony and do our best to care for our beautiful and bountiful planet Earth. God of Peace and grace…      “Hear our Prayers.

We end with an adaptation of “The New Year”, a prayer by Joyce Rupp.
In this New Year, let us pray:

To live deeply, with purpose,
To live freely, with detachment
To live wisely, with humility
To live justly, with compassion
To live lovingly, with fidelity
To live mindfully, with awareness,
To live gratefully, with generosity
To live fully, with enthusiasm.

And the people say…     “AMEN!”

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