Prayers of the People: February 11

Published on Feb 12th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0
Prayers of the People: February 11

Creator God, we see hints of the springtime that is coming – in greening bud of Forsythia and Japonica; in return of soft, cheery and familiar birdcall; the drip off rooftop and disappearance of melting snow cover, with more confident footsteps down the bare sidewalk. We give thanks and praise for the seasons, bringing weather change and the chance of a new outlook on this, our lives. When you hear the words, “Merciful God who cares,” please answer with “Hear our prayers.

In our local Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster, we pray for the members of the Presbytery Outdoor Ministry and Youth Ministry Team. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we remember those in the countries of Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Comfort, protect and strengthen our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. Merciful God who cares…    “Hear our prayers.

We remember the peacemakers and peacekeepers, the healthcare workers, teachers, engineers and all those serving throughout the world through many organizations. God of all nations, December’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, ICAN – the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – gives us hope and encouragement in the quest for a peaceful world. It is ironic that the 9 nuclear powers seek to keep the peace by building or enhancing the most lethal of weapons ever known, but there can be no reconciliation of these weapons with real peace. Merciful God, may people over the world demand and lead the way to true peace; soften the hard hearts of the leaders and powers to gain 100% ratification. The cost is too great and the clock is ticking too close to midnight. Merciful God who cares

For all those in our midst and named in our Prayer List, we pray for healing, and peace that knows no bounds, for these, and their loved ones. We now say the names of those on our minds, either silently or out loud…    …Spirit of life, be with us all in pilgrimages of uncertainty, healing and hope.  Merciful God who cares…    “Hear our prayers.

Dear God, we come this week to a rare coincidence, where on the same day when much of the world celebrates romantic and friendship love, some Christians begin Lent with solemn thoughts and actions, remembering the start of Jesus’s 40 days of trial and testing. Let us celebrate Valentine’s and observe Ash Wednesday, for it is in your love that you made us fully human in loving and in seeking to draw closer to you during the new Lenten season and every day.



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