Prayers of the People: February 18

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Prayers of the People: February 18

Let us quiet our minds and open our hearts as we pray for those in the world and in our community. When you hear the phrase, “Oh Holy One” please respond with  “hear our prayers.”

Lord ruler of all the earth, mother and father to us all. From before our birth we have relied on you; you brought us forth from our mother’s womb into your glorious creation. We will forever praise you. We proclaim your love for us is without end, is without measure; it is abundant and overflowing!

We give praise to you for your gift of Jesus who is your word made flesh and who dwelt among us, who embodies your generosity, grace and love. We are warmed to our very soul with his teachings and acts of kindness.

In this prayer for your people, let us find in ourselves the same kindness without judgement for each other and for those in need. May our actions follow the teachings of Jesus and reflect your kingdom here as it is in heaven. Oh, Holy One…     “hear our prayers.”



Lord, we turn our attention to those outside our congregation who we support in their works and ask for your grace to enhance the goodness they bring to others. We ask for your glory to shine through those who rule over others may it bring grace, peace and justice to their people. In our Kootenay Presbytery, we pray for Robin Murray, Carolyn Rogers, Tiffany McNaughton, Sun Young Kim and Laura Hermakin who are students in your ministry. May the truth and wisdom of Jesus be with him to support and strengthen them in their faith. In our World Council of Churches, we pray for France, Germany and Monaco. May your Glory shine through the leaders of these countries. We pray for our brothers and sisters at the Nyanyadzi Methodist church in Zimbabwe. May your grace enhance and protect their good works.  

Holy One we pray for: The peacemakers and peacekeepers whose works create and sustain peace for those in conflict. Strengthen their works and reward them in the awareness of the blessings they provided others through you.

We pray for: The health care workers, teachers, engineers and NGOs who bear the burden of others and thereby fulfil the law of Jesus: love and care for one another. We ask for their caring to strengthen and their spirit enrichened in the results of their good work. Oh, Holy One…     “hear our prayers.”


Lord, we now turn our prayers to our friends and members of our congregation who face hardships. You know the needs of each of these people named in our Prayer List, Strengthen them in their trails and call upon us to help in lessening their suffering.

We pause here as we are concerned for others not mentioned here yet are in our hearts. You know our concerns and our wishes for your grace to come to them. In our faith may your grace be given to them…    …Oh, Holy One…     “hear our prayers.”


God of all creation keeper of all knowledge, wisdom, and power, we ask for your glory to shine through us in helping those in need. Give us the clarity of mind and the gift of wisdom to find in ourselves the love and assistance we can provide those less fortunate, so they too can experience your glory.

And the People say: “AMEN!”

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