Prayers of the People: February 25

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Prayers of the People: February 25

Along with today’s psalm and gospel reading the companion Hebrew scripture is from Genesis and is one of the many stories of Sarah and Abraham. I find comfort and encouragement in their stories. Sarah and Abraham are known for their trust in God – yes! But scripture also tells us that more than once they took things into their own hands and made some not-so-great decisions. You may remember how upon hearing God’s promise of new and unexpected life they laughed! They laughed at God and God’s promise.  

Trusting their God— our God — let us be together in prayer:

Breathing slowly, deeply, reverently, we bow before you Holy Eternal One. We give thanks for the bible stories of people who were less than perfect. On bended knee, we praise you that there is nothing in our past or the present or the future able to release us from your love and your faithfulness.

Even with this knowledge and even as followers of Jesus, we can still be slow to deny ourselves – to contradict who we have been and who we are. If we have known ourselves to be independent we confess our reluctance to contradict that and ask for help. If we have known ourselves to be competent, we confess quickness to criticize others and our slowness to admit our own not-so-great decisions. If we have known ourselves to be energetic, able to ‘go and go’ we confess our long-held grip on this self-image and our need to slow down, to rest.

Help us, God. In your inexhaustible love help us to deny – to disavow who we have been, who we are so that we might embrace the new and different and wonderful life you promise. In our floundering, in our ageing, in our grieving, in our dismay at the world and other people and ourselves, in whatever challenges we face, help us to remain within the story of the Cross, the Story of letting-go to be raised up again to new life.


Within this good news of the Christ-Story, we reach out to pray from the Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster for the members of the Planning and Visioning Team as they prepare for the Spring Gathering in Cranbrook. From the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we lift up the peoples of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, and also the people of Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. We continue our prayers for peacemakers and peacekeepers and their families. Hear also our prayers for the many who throughout the world give their time and share training to change injustice into justice. This morning we remember all who are suffering in the aftermath of tragic shootings.  

We commit to your redeeming care these we have named in our Prayer List and now others we name aloud or silently…     …Those who seek you, says the psalmist, will give you praise.

Here in this place, we do indeed seek you God and we do indeed give You praise. May this be so for each one of us in the coming days.

Praise and thanksgiving to you, God of Sarah and Abraham, and God of the one we know as Jesus, in whose name we pray.

And the people say: “Amen! ”  

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