Prayers of the People: February 4

Published on Feb 4th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0
Prayers of the People: February 4

For a few minutes let us set aside those concerns, duties and responsibilities that fill our thoughts and direct our lives. Let us seek and find that quiet personal time with our God. Let us pray.

God of our creation and being, hear our prayers. We come into these moments with gratitude for all the blessings you have provided. Thank you, God, for family, friends, home and health and security in this peaceful town and nation. Daily we are made aware of violence and war, bigotry and selfishness. Sometimes we become victims of that hate and red neck philosophy. We seek solutions that provide equality, justice and fairness for all, solutions that recognize the needs of and have empathy for the oppressed, the poor, the hungry and homeless and those displaced by the ravages of war.

We seek a change from a “me first” paradigm to one based on and designed around agape love. God, in your love, guide us there.

In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer roster, we pray for rev. Ibi Chuan and the congregation of Cranbrook United Church. Give them guidance and success in their endeavours. In the World Council of Churches, we pray for Andorra, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Morino, Spain, and Vatican City. Grant them unity of thought and peace and well-being. Here in the West Kootenay, we are blessed by the natural beauty
of your creation in our surroundings. Thank you, parent God, for snow and rain, and sun and sky, bird and beast and flower and tree and all that your creation gifts to us.

In our daily lives technology moves with ever-increasing speed and innovation that brings benefits as well as detriments. Grant us as parents and mentors the insight we need to offer wisdom and counsel to our children and all youth—a wisdom that recognizes their desire for knowledge, their exuberance, their questioning minds and zeal for living and exploring.
 Among us are those grieving personal loss in its various forms. Encompass us, loving and caring God, with your compassion and presence to bring new purpose and comfort to troubled mind and heart. Accompany us as we seek understanding and new strength for the journey ahead. In our church and municipality, we ask your guidance to foster forward thinking and insight to manage our challenges. Bless our ministers, our staff and volunteers and all who dare to live the way of Jesus embodying your love.

All these prayers we offer through Jesus Emmanuel.



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