Prayers of the People: January 7

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Prayers of the People: January 7

As we prepare our hearts for prayer, I ask each of us to take a moment to think of something that we are truly grateful for in our lives. It might be something small, or something quite significant. It might come to mind right away, or perhaps it might take awhile. When you hear the words “with Gratitude in our hearts we pray”, please respond with “Hear our prayers”

Creator God:   My family and I have been laid up with the flu for the past two and a half weeks. A couple of days ago I left the house for the first time in what felt like forever. It was one of those glorious Kootenay winter days. I felt a bit like a squinty-eyed mole at first. A brilliant blue sky pushed up against gleaming white snow-covered mountains. The breathtaking winter beauty of our area at its finest. On the streets of our town, I encountered people smiling at each other and folks hugging one another on street corners. I was overcome with a profound sense of gratitude. But of course, I think, it’s easy to feel grateful on a beautiful sunny day. What happens when I take off the rose-coloured glasses? With Gratitude in our hearts we pray…    Hear our prayers.

Compassionate God: Winter is a difficult season for many people. We are great full for the volunteer who spreads salt on the walkway making it a little bit easier for some folks to get around. When we get the flu, we are grateful for modern pain medicine. When it is cold outside we are grateful for central heating and warm clothing. When we are stuck at home due to weather or illness, we are grateful for friends who call or text encouraging messages. On days when the snow falls from the sky and piles up high, we are grateful for snow plows and the folks that drive them. We are grateful for neighbours who sometimes give each other a hand. Shoveling a walkway, or delivering groceries. And we are grateful for the professionals: paramedics, nurses, and care aids who work tirelessly and with diligence. Even in this difficult season we have so much to be grateful for. With Gratitude in our hearts we pray…    Hear our prayers.

Loving God: Some days it is harder to be grateful. Like when we read about coral reefs disappearing. Or when we think about families on the move somewhere in the world. Seeking safety, being turned back. Huddling together under a coat in a field. Frostbitten hands. Shaking. Grieving. Fighting for the lives of their children. Remembering ones who did not make it. Some days it’s harder to be grateful, and yet we know deep inside that it is gratitude and awe for your creation, for love, for the beauty of the human heart that is the stuff that gets us through. It is the sinew and the glue that holds our fragile lives together. With Gratitude in our hearts we pray…    Hear our prayers.

Nourishing God: We pray for all those who will be organizing the new season of camping at Camp Koolaree and Rock Lake and we wish all members of Kootenay Presbytery, a very blessed 2018. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we pray for the people of Iran, Iraq and Syria. In Our Prayers today are our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Peacemakers and peacekeepers, Healthcare workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world through many organizations We pray for the safety and wellbeing of all those named in our Prayer List, and we add silently or aloud the names of any others we wish to pray for…     …with Gratitude in our hearts we pray…     Hear our prayers.

Radiant God: May we be connected to the place of gratitude in our hearts. May we open our hearts to the divine light of the universe. May we be a vessel for divine light, may we drink it in and bathe in it. May we, in turn, have the blessing of being able to shine your divine light into the world and into the lives of others.



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