Prayers of the People: July 15

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God of Love and Hope…        
                             Hear our prayers

O Holy One of All Creation, w thank You for this day, this beautiful day gifting us with all the reminders of Your marvellous creation:  the stillness of the early morning; the sun rising over the mountains and the river; the gentle sounds of creation around us coming into its day.  We thank You for the peace of a night time of rest in safety and comfort.  We are overwhelmed with blessings!  God of Love and Hope…    Hear our prayers

O Faithful One, we thank you for the gift of symbols that help us to remember who we are, who You are, and Whose we are.  Thank you for our church and its communities 0 local, national and global.  We ask Your guidance and blessings on the United Church General Council meetings. May all travel safely. God of Love and Hope…    Hear our prayers

O Holy One of Wisdom, we plead for Your wisdom for the political and economic leaders of this, Your world.  May they be individuals whose leadership always holds all of Your peoples, all of Your creation, at the centre of their deliberations.  May Your wisdom and compassion be their guide.  God of Love and Hope…    Hear our prayers

O Holy One of Compassion, our ancestors, from the ancient ones of our faith history to the more recent ones from the histories of our families, wandered across the earth in hope-filled searches for places of peace and security in which to live, thrive and raise their little ones.  May we remember our own backgrounds, and indeed the refugee background of Your son Jesus and his family, as we seek to understand, honour, support and pray for those on these journeys today.  God of Love and Hope…    Hear our prayers

O Holy One of Hope, may we always remember and respond in hope and support for those who awoke this day amidst the frightening forces and the aftermath of destructive forces of flood, fire, drought.  May we always remember and respond in hope and support for those who have endless sleepless nights amidst the noise and chaos of acts of war and violence; who are overwhelmed with fear for the safety and well-being of their loved ones. 

In particular today, we pray for the peoples of Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Japan, and from the World Council prayer cycle, for the peoples of Djibouti and Somalia.  We offer our continued prayers for our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.

We thank You for the many who live and work in difficult circumstances, yet continue to work and live each day with so much hope and love – the peacemakers and peacekeepers,health care workers, teachers, engineers, first responders, and the many who serve throughout the world through many organizations, regardless of their uniforms or backgrounds. God of Love and Hope…    Hear our prayers

O Holy One of Presence, we ask Your presence for those from within our community and others close to us who are in need of support, healing and comfort, among them we name all those on our Prayer List…     …please take a few moments to name aloud or in your hearts others especially close to you today…    God of Love and Hope…    Hear our prayers

O Holy One of all races, nations and religions, may we be amongst those living Your Kindom — people of clean hands, pure and honest hearts and minds, worshiping only You, not the false gods with whom we are surrounded.  May we hear only You, the One God of all the earth.  You know that we cannot change others, nor can we change the past.  But we can change ourselves.  And we can join You in changing our only and common future where Love “reigns” the same overall.  Help us to remember that bringing about Your Kindom is not Your task alone.  As we move through this next week, may we become and live out what we pray, in order that Your Kin-dom may be revealed each moment of each day!

And the people say…   “AMEN!”

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