Prayers of the People: July 2

Published on Jul 2nd, 2017 by Member of Congregation | 0

When you hear the words, “God of glad welcome”, please respond with, “Hear our Prayers”. Let us pray.

Boundless Spirit, we praise you for the creation and re-creation of this world. The spring green we have seen in all directions has changed to the summery hue. The sun’s lengthy appearance and warmth have returned to us again to cause the plants to flower, and now the small fruits grow toward the harvest to come. May this be a good year with berries up high for the bears, plentiful gardens, and bounty on the farms.  God of glad welcome…     “Hear our Prayers.”

God of love, we pray this week for Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, named by the World Council of Churches. We remember our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, that they be energized as they answer the call to do good works in their community.

We thank you for the peacemakers and peacekeepers, the health care workers, the teachers and engineers and all who are willing to serve around the world through many groups, and we ask in your mercy to keep them safe. God of glad welcome…     “Hear our Prayers.”

In our area, we ask your blessings and wisdom for Kim Matson, Youth Co-ordinator of Kootenay Presbytery. We pray always, in every way, for Lois, Robin, John and David and their families. We remember all those in our midst or other loved ones who are in great need in mind, body or spirit, especially those named in our Prayer List.  And we now say, silently or out loud, the names of others we know who are in need.  God of glad welcome…     “Hear our Prayers.”

We do not forget your benefits, your love and peace that bring us hope and make us better people. Welcoming God, in reference to your Word in the 10th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, all of us — including those who on that morning 22 years ago joined two churches to become one — have experienced your “Glad Welcome” at Nelson United Church. You God have unfurled your love in this place through countless forms of help, kindness and goodwill given.

Creating God, as we mark the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada, we remember and give thanks for the very first people who have been the stewards of this land since time immemorial, and commit ourselves to the work of justice, healing, and reconciliation. Together we dream about the country that we hope to become, a country where all are free to be their best selves.


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