Prayers of the People: July 30

Published on Jul 31st, 2017 by Member of Congregation | 0

In the beginning God, you breathed into us our life song. Inspire us with new ways of doing things, so that out of diversity may come harmony. May we live in grateful thanks for the blessing of life. When you hear the words “Holy Teacher Come” please respond with “Hear Our Prayers”.

Inclusive God of all humanity, may we honor the spiritual roots of others – aiming for peaceful co-existence. In our ecumenical prayer cycle today we name Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. We also pray for those at the Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, peacekeepers and volunteers serving throughout the world and their families who support them in their struggle and sacrifice.  Holy Teacher Come…   “Hear Our Prayers”.

God of mercy and love, through your parables may we understand the goal for which we strive, students of the kin-dom of heaven trusting in your gospel promise. We pray for Greg Powell, Kootenay Presbytery Chair and those others put in charge locally, provincially and federally in our nation to be fair to all our citizens. Holy Teacher Come…   “Hear Our Prayers”.

God of Inspiration, breath peace to those challenged by ill health, grief, or loneliness: that they may be lifted by your grace – out of their suffering, we name all those in our Prayer List…    …and those we name aloud or in the silence of our hearts …   Holy Teacher Come…   “Hear Our Prayers”.

And now to end our prayers, we conclude with a few words from Richard Wagamese in his book, Embers:

“What’s needed are eyes that focus with the soul. What’s needed are spirits open to everything. What’s needed are the belief that wonder is the glue of the universe and the desire to seek more of it. Be filled with wonder.”

And the people say:   “Amen!”


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