Prayers of the People: June 17

Published on Jun 18th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0

As we enter into this time of prayer I want to comment on this coming Thursday, June 21st.  It is Summer Solstice and in Canada, it is National Indigenous Peoples Day.  

In honouring this significant day, The United Church of Canada has designated today as Indigenous Peoples Sunday.  With humility, we acknowledge the slowness to see through God’s eyes and God’s love these our sisters and brothers. Coming out of our nation’s slowness and regrets, today we give thanks for Indigenous Peoples diverse and abundant gifts of knowledge, wisdom, creativity and spirituality that have benefited generations past and present, and will for generations to come.  

Let us be together in prayer: Here in this place, at this moment, we breathe deeply and we rest in Your Unwavering Love, O God.  We breathe our gratitude, attentive to Your Presence within us and among us and within and among all peoples.   

We pray now for those on our Prayer List…      …And now O God we say aloud or silently the names of persons for whom we have concern …   from the KootenayPresbytery Prayer Roster we pray for Rev. Kim Horwood, and the congregations of Boundary Pastoral charge. We give thanks for her ministry and pray for her well-being and those she serves. From the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we pray for the people of Malawi and Zambia and for those who make decisions on their behalf.  

As is our custom we pray for Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and for peacemakers and peacekeepers and their families. Hear O God our thanksgiving and our prayers for the many who throughout the world struggle against great odds to bring about Your justice for all people. Yes God – for all people – as in those who flee from harm and chaos and poverty only to be treated as criminals and separated from their children. Our hearts hurt O God for them and for all refugees. May this our hurting be our prayer for change, especially a change of thinking for those in power.  

God of the prophet Samuel and the shepherd David, we confess that like them we have trusted our physical eyes to forget that You see in other ways. Like those first disciples, we have struggled to understand and to live Jesus’ teachings.  And yet, as in long ago times, there is Your Sturdy Enduring Loving Presence sustaining us. And! Over and over again You choose each one of us – just as we are – as if we are each one – exactly what is needed! And! And then in Your Holy Mystery, wonder of wonders, the world is a better place because we were indeed Your chosen for that moment in that day.  

Day after day, night after night – there is Your Presence, Your Power, Your Purpose – often beyond our eyes and yet so very, very real!  Tis a glorious wonder!  Tis an awe-inspiring wonder!  

And the people say…   “Amen!”   

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