Prayers of the People: May 21

Published on May 20th, 2017 by Member of Congregation | 0

Please join us in the prayers of the people.   When you hear the words “Come By Here, O God” please answer with “Hear our prayers.

On this camping Sunday, we remember a sweet simple song that has become a mocking metaphor for cynics: Kumbaya. Come By Here. We take it back today to where it was sung as a prayer for God to be present, often at a campfire, often as mantra for peace and solidarity and comfort. Someone’s singing, Lord. Someone’s laughing, Lord. Someone’s crying, Lord. Someone’s praying, Lord.  Be with us now.  Kumbaya.   Come by here, O God…    “Hear our prayers.”

We remember in the Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster the Rev. Laura Hermakin and the members at Windermere Valley Shared Ministry. In the world council of Churches prayer cycle we think of Kenya and Tanzania and wish them peace, and send our special prayers to Zimbabwe’s methodist church at Nyandyadzi as we have done for many years. We pray for the people and organizations who work for peace, education, beneficial development and health care throughout the world. May they continue to make a difference. May they feel you near. Come by here, O God…    “Hear our prayers.”

Please turn to our prayer list and think of our own people who suffer despair, illness and loss. May they feel you and us near to them. May they remember that God says: “Don’t be afraid, my love is stronger than your fear”. There may be people you wish to name. Say them now too. Bring them here in this prayer…     Come by here, O God…    “Hear our prayers.”

And will you join our children in a chorus of Kumbaya. Reclaim it as the circle song it was meant to be, and sing it twice!




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