Prayers of the People: May 7

Published on May 7th, 2017 by Member of Congregation | 0

Divine Mystery unfolding
Creating Love fashioning – and transforming – even us
We say thank you.

For your Holy Presence
For the many forms of goodness in our lives with enough to share for the common good
We say thank you.

Prayerfully looking beyond where we are in this place –From the Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster we pray for Castlegar United Church and their minister, Greg Powell, that they may experience the joys of discipleship.

From the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle we lift up the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia praying for their well-being.  As we do every Sunday we are mindful of our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. 
This morning we pray for Canadians living in the midst of drenching rains and rising flood waters.  At the same time we remember those dealing with devastating droughts and water scarcity. Hear our prayers for those attempting to live in shattered cities and refugee camps and also the many would-be immigrants waiting for someone to say ‘yes.’

Hear our prayers for those whose words and deeds make lives better: refugee workers, peacemakers and peacekeepers, health care workers, teachers, engineers, rescue workers, diplomats and volunteers, and the many here in Nelson who each day work for the common good.     We pray now for those named in our Prayer List…  and those we name silently or aloud…

Like our faith ancestor, David the shepherd, we fear no danger for you are with us, your rod and staff give us comfort and courage.  So it is — as grateful and daring disciples — we pray in Jesus’ Name.  

Together, in one voice, the people say…   Amen!


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