Prayers of the People: November 11

Published on Nov 16th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0

I offer these prayers in memory of Roy Nelson who was to write the prayers of the people this morning. They are based on prayers written by Sister Joan Chittister.  When you hear the words, “O God of peace,” please respond with, “Hear our prayers.

Compassionate God, you have called us to love you and to love our neighbours, save us from ourselves, save us from the fears in our hearts and the despair in our souls. O God of peace…   “Hear our prayers.

Save us all in this world from the need to lash out with expressions of vengeance or the need to balance the scale ourselves.  Give us the strength it takes to listen rather than to judge, to trust rather than to fear, to try again and again to make peace even when peace eludes us.  O God of peace…   “Hear our prayers.

On this Remembrance Sunday, we ask for the grace to be our best selves.  We ask for the vision to be builders of the human community rather than its destroyers.  We ask for humility as a people to understand the fears and hopes of others. We ask for the love it takes to bequeath to the children of the world more than the failures of our own making. Today, we join with the World Council of Churches to pray for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.  O God of peace…   “Hear our prayers.

We ask for the heart it takes to care for all the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq, of Palestine and Israel, of Nicaragua and Central America as well as for ourselves. For the people of Yemen and Brazil, for the people who are on the move because they have no place in their home country.  In the Presbytery prayer cycle for today, we pray for all war veterans, peacekeepers and peacemakers who died in service of our country who lived within Kootenay Presbytery.  O God of peace…   “Hear our prayers.

Give us the depth of soul, O God, to constrain our might, to resist the temptations of power, to refuse to attack the vulnerable, to understand that vengeance begets violence, and to bring peace–not war–wherever we go.  For You, O God, have been merciful to us.  For You, O God, have been patient with us.  For You, O God, have been gracious to us.  We pray for our Bienestar partners involved in the outreach project in Guatemala, our kin at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Peacemakers and peacekeepers everywhere in the world, health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world through many organizations.  O God of peace…   “Hear our prayers.

As you are compassion and love, may we be compassionate and loving in our actions and our prayers. And so, we pray for all who are hurting in any way and by way of prayer offer a hug; may they experience peace and healing.  We name all those named in our Prayer List,  the family and friends of Roy Nelson, and others whom we also love and name and send a hug…  O God of peace…   “Hear our prayers.

These prayers we ask through Jesus, the one without vengeance in his heart who called us to pray and hug one another.  This we ask forever and ever. Amen

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