Prayers of the People: November 12

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Prayers of the People: November 12

Let us join our hearts and minds as one in prayer.
When you hear the words, “God of Peace,” please respond with “Hear our Prayers.”

Loving and understanding God, we confess that we can lose the vision of your peace. We all too often fail to rely on your grace that is active in our world. Hear our call, O God, to be a people who keep your vision of peace present and active in this, your world.  God of peace…    “Hear our Prayers.”

God of all mercies, we crave peace in our world. To this end, we honour and appreciate all those dedicated men and women who daily lay their lives on the line to achieve peace and harmony in the world. We ask that you lovingly bless all peacemakers, peacekeepers and their families. We offer prayers of support for health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world in various organizations.Shine your light of love and faith on our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.

In our Kootenay Presbytery prayer cycle this week, we pray for Jean Daniels and Hilary Bitten, Co-Chairs of the Presbytery Nomination Team. In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we present our prayers for the people of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. God of peace…    “Hear our Prayers.”

Patient and Caring God, we lay before you our concerns for all those who are ill or in pain; those who grieve; those who feel lonely, dejected, forgotten; those who are oppressed and endangered.  We especially remember before you today all those named in our Prayer List.

We pause at this time to name, either silently or aloud, all those for whom we feel concern…     … God of peace…    “Hear our Prayers.”

On this day of peace and remembrance, we pray for those in our world who need your presence and strength to stand firm. We pray for those who protest, those who organize letter campaigns, those who give of themselves to act on behalf of others. We pray for those who speak the unpopular truth; those who protect the unpopular victims; those who choose the often-unpopular path of peace. God of peace…    “Hear our Prayers.”

We end with a prayer for Peace, written by Right Livelihood Award winner, Anwar Fazal.

We all drink from one water
We all breathe from one air
We rise from one ocean
And we live under one sky.
We are one.

The newborn baby cries the same
The laughter of children is universal
Everyone’s blood is red
And our hearts beat the same song.
We are one.

We are all brothers and sister
Only one family, only one earth
Together we live
And together we die.
We are one.

Peace be on you,
Brothers and sisters,
Peace be on you.

And the people say…   “AMEN!”

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