Prayers of the People: October 2

Published on Oct 2nd, 2016 by Member of Congregation | 0

Sometimes we need to withdraw from our daily routin and let go of those things that sap our energy and find a separate place. So I invite you to take the next moments in prayer to find that place in prayer to god. Let us pray…

Parent god, we are not perfect. We come into your presence seeking forgiveness for those times when we have slipped and strayed from your way. Help us then, to renew our desire and commitment to live the way of jesus; a way which is empathetic to the needs of others without judging, a way which is generous of spirit, caring and loving.

To-day we are challenged to find reason in the chaos of war and brutality that bombards our senses daily and harms so many. We ask then, in your mercy, to influence the minds of those responsible so they recognize the other side to their wants, and seek peaceful resolution that recognizes the needs of the innocents affected.

Here at home we seek the will and the way to carry out our daily tasks and responsibilities and ask your blessing on all we do. Be there parent god, to bring peace to troubled lives and healing to broken bodies. Grant us the comfort that comes when we seek your assurance a nd help and presence in our living.

On this october day, as we look at the beauty of the changing season we give thanks for the harvests of the past summer and are reminded of your steadfast love that cares and provides for us. As we witness new birth and welcome new life into our families we are reminded again of the constancy of your creation. Thank you god.

To-day we are mindful of the community that exists in Nelson United Church and we give thanks to you for the gifts and talents of the many that are shared with and enrich our belonging. Yet even in these blessings we recognise the need for your comfort at this time in the lives of janet and david boyd as they mourn the loss of Janet’s mother. Grant them peace, please in their sorrow.

In the Kootenay Presbytery prayer roster we offer our prayers for the care of Carol Patton its secretary as she prepares for prebytery fall session. In the World Council of Churches we ask your blessing and influence for those in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. We also offer our prayers to you to sustain and encourage our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. We offer our thanks and appreciation for the contribution of peace makers and peace keepers, health care workers, teachers and all professionals and volunteers who work in many organizations throughout the world. For those we name from our Prayer List we ask for your comforting presence and healing power to sustain them .

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