Prayers of the People: October 22

Published on Oct 22nd, 2017 by Member of Congregation | 0

When you hear the words, “God of all of us,” please respond with, “Hear our Prayers. Let us pray.

God of Creation, we rejoice and give thanks for the rainfall we have received. The water pulses through the veins of the Earth and its plants, extinguishing the remaining fires. The forests are being replenished and rejuvenated, and the quiet trickle of the stream and creek has increased to a pleasant rushing sound, filling reservoirs, pitchers, and glasses — life renewed by your hand, from deep within.

God of all of us…   “Hear our Prayers.”

Spirit God of limitless vision, we give thanks for our bodies, especially our brains and eyes. We are in awe that every second, over 100,000 biochemical reactions take place in the brain. We take for granted the 125 million rods and cones in our eyes, receiving light and sending them to the optic nerve and brain, so that we can realize that NO, it is not just another day. It’s a miracle! — trees still full of red, orange, yellow, green – everywhere an infinite colour mix – God, your creation’s majesty to behold!

God of all of us…   “Hear our Prayers.”

As Jesus prayed that we all may be one, the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle lists Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, whom we pray for and with whom we stand in solidarity. Protect, strengthen and enliven our dear brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. We pray for the United Nations, which began its work 72 years ago this week, October 24, 1945. May it grow in its ability to help the world in all ways and bring increasing peace to all of us.

Gracious God, we ask for care, protection, and strength for all peacemakers and peacekeepers, health care workers, teachers, engineers and others who serve across the world through many organizations.

God of all of us…   “Hear our Prayers.”

In our own Kootenay Presbytery prayer roster, we remember and pray for Cheryl Swedburg, Kootenay Presbytery representative to the B.C. Conference.

Caring God, we now ask for help, healing and comfort for those on our Prayer List within our own church family and their loved ones. At this time, we remember others, silently or out loud, in need of help and healing in mind, body, and spirit.

God of all of us ……(hear our prayers)

And the people say…  “Amen!”


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