Prayers of the People: October 29

Published on Oct 30th, 2017 by Member of Congregation | 0
Prayers of the People: October 29

God our creator, we come here to seek your presence in our lives and to respond to that presence with gratitude for your care and love. We come humbly acknowledging our imperfections yet striving to become your mind’s image of us.

Today, in the Kootenay Presbytery prayer roster we name Rev. Therese Descamp and ask your guidance for her and blessings on her in her role in the spiritual care team and as sexual misconduct support person. In the world council of churches prayer roster, we pray for the people of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Open to them avenues of hope and widen their vision and progressive thought to overcome strife and natural disasters.

There are those in our midst seeking solace and a pathway out of their wilderness of loss and bereavement. Touch them with your presence and give them courage and the healing that turns the hurt and pain and dark emptiness into softer memories which fill the void and restore comfort and meaning to their lives. We ask your blessing on the people of this congregation as they work in the community to build programmes and services for those who are marginalized and seeking restoration, renewal, and security in their lives.

We offer our thanks to you for our staff and the many who volunteer their gifts of time and experience, which benefit the work of Nelson United Church. Continue your blessing and guidance that they might feel the satisfaction and rewards of work well done. Now we turn our thoughts toward those people on our Prayer List. Hear our prayers for them and bring healing and comfort addressed to their particular need. So we name our brothers and sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, peacemakers, and peacekeepers, healthcare workers, teachers and professionals around the world whose disciplines bring betterment wherever they serve.

And others we name aloud or silently from our hearts…   …We thank God for the beauty that surrounds us daily in the seasons of nature. We thank you for the serenity of space filled only with the sound of silence or the rustle of wind in trees, birdsong, and squirrel chatter. We thank you for the beauty of snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, and coursing water and the awesome wonder of star-filled blackness broken only by the moon’s silver glow. We thank you for friends and family, for companions and helpmates. We are recipients of your love and beneficence, your constancy and forgiveness and for all these blessings and gifts we are grateful. These prayers we offer in the name of Jesus, your son, you with us now and forever. 

And together, we say…     “Amen!”



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