Prayers of the People: September 23

Published on Sep 26th, 2018 by Member of Congregation | 0

In this morning’s gospel reading Jesus embraces a child to give us an image of God’s Love embracing all of us and especially the most vulnerable. With this image in mind let us pray for the individuals on our prayer list. As we say their first names aloud we rest in the knowledge that God’s Unrelenting Love is embracing and supporting each one of them. Together we pray saying aloud first names of those on our Prayer List… And those we now name aloud or silently …      We continue our prayers of intercession. From the Kootenay Presbytery Prayer Roster we pray for Jody Dudley, member of the Planning and Visioning Team and Kootenay Presbytery Webminister. We give you thanks, O God, for his constant and caring ministry. From the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle we join with others to name Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Peru praying for wisdom for their leaders and well-being for their people. This morning we pray for the folks in Ontario and Quebec who are struggling in the midst of tornado devastation. In their overwhelming losses may they know and rely on Your Strength along with help of others to deliver them through the coming days. We are also mindful of our neighbors to the south in the Carolinas as they find their way in disastrous flood waters. May they experience Your Presence and the help of others to deliver them into better days.  Across the many miles we reach out in prayer to our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. With deep gratitude we pray for the many throughout the world whose daily hourly efforts in a variety of ways restore hope and stabilize and mend lives.

Divine Love: Giving, Revealing, Uncontained: Hear our praise and our thanksgiving that whatever the circumstances we are never left on our own. As we live our daily lives we come to know that as we have need we receive and we are delivered, sometimes in a way we would call “ordinary” and sometimes in a way we experience as more like a “miracle.”  And so we ask for your help to see the howand the whento serve. For Jesus’ sake may we be quick to minister in our own wayto the one who needs to be noticed and valued, to the one who needs to be heard and respected – and most of all – to the one who needs to be loved. May Wisdom guide us as disciples of Jesus in whose name we pray.And the people say, Amen.  

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