Prayers of the People: September 24

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Prayers of the People: September 24

Equinox is a time of balance. A balance between light and dark… Fire and Ice… External and internal. When you hear the words, “God who is always with us” please respond with, “Hear our prayers.”

God, be with us as we walk along the balance beam of life. Arms stretched out wide, one foot in front of another. Sometimes when we are balancing on a log that crosses over a stream, we go slowly and carefully. Other times it can seem easier to catch our balance if we just go for it, almost running. We strive for balance in our lives, the balance between play and work. Rest and activity.Ecosystems have their own natural checks and balances, in the web of life populations of predators and prey balance and sustain each other in a beautiful dance.

We see you, God, in these wild places. We see you in the breathtakingly beautiful hues of green and gold that are the colors of the deep places where the river is strong and peaceful. God who is always with us…    “Hear our prayers.”

We pray for balance in our world. A balance of power among the people, instead of power over the people. A balance between impulsivity and integrity. We pray for a delicate balance that will allow peace to prevail. We pray for Peace, God. Peace among nations, peace within our families, and peace in our hearts.

And as we pray we remember that you are with us God no matter what, no matter where we are, or what we are doing, or how we are feeling. We take comfort in this knowing and we take strength in this knowing. God who is always with us…    “Hear our prayers.”

Loving God, heavenly mother and father, we bring to you prayers of hope for our human family.

In the World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle, we pray for the countries of Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania; we pray for our brothers & sisters at Nyanyadzi Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, peacemakers, and peacekeepers; health care workers, teachers, engineers and the many who serve throughout the world through many organizations. We pray for all those named in our Prayer List. And we mention silently or aloud the names of any person for whom we wish to pray…    …God who is always with us…    “Hear our prayers.”  We say these names out loud with awareness of the healing power of prayer and the alchemy of the spoken word.

At this time of year when we prepare to draw inward, when we gather and harvest, let us also be completely gentle with ourselves. During these times of uncertainty when the world seems fraught with fear and disaster, let us turn to our relationship with God to nourish and uplift us. And when the needs of the world seem to be overwhelming, help us, God, to always do our very best. And help us to know that our very best is not only good enough, it is perfect.

In small and big ways, we can strive to bring balance into our lives.

God who is always with us…    “Hear our prayers.”

May it be so.



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