The reflections listed here are transcripts of the Reflection presented by our minister or guest preachers. They are provided for those who may not have been present at the time, or for those who would like to review and reflect further on the words spoken during worship.


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Reflection: June 9

         At the recent inaugural meeting of the Pacific Mountain Region, I asked someone part-way through the meeting, “Are you having fun, yet?”  We were mired in some decisions that needed to take place and we seemed to be going around in circles as often happens.  There were moments like that, and read on

Reflection: June 2

Sermon Title: Destined for Glory in This Life   Scriptures: Acts 16:16-34 & John 17: 20-26    We just heard Jesus prayerfully say that believers have been given glory. We have been given glory – the same glory given to Jesus by God. So, God’s got the glory. Jesus has the glory. of God’s children got read on

Reflection: May 26

         When I was in Palestine and Israel, back in 2013, I visited the Old City of Jerusalem many times.  I was staying just a few blocks from the Old City and easily walked there in 15 minutes.  Just outside the Old City leading up to East Jerusalem was the Mount of Olives, one of read on

Reflection: May 19

         Since we’re singing Latin today, does anyone know the pledge for the Possum Lodge?  It’s in Latin…   “Quando omni flunkus, moritati:  When all else fails, play dead.” That’s from the Red Green show on CBC. I only watched the Red Green show after it had stopped production maybe 20 years ago.  I’d heard an read on

Reflection May 12

         In thinking about Buddy Ramsay’s funeral yesterday and focusing on love; in thinking about Mother’s Day today and thinking about love.  And in remembering one of the workshops at the Inhabit Conference Berdine and I attended in Seattle, love is the focus today, too.  At the workshop, I remember the presenter read on

Reflection: May 5

Scriptures: Revelation 5:11-14 & John 21:1-19 Sermon Title: “Kneeling: A Metaphor for Every Day.” Rev. Carol Prochaska Thanks to a space telescope astrophysicists now know that our galaxy is only one of the trillions of galaxies. Experts now think the question isn’t whether there is life elsewhere, but how to find it. So states the March National read on

Reflection: April 28

  Sermon Title: “Needing God’s Yes.”  Rev. Carol Prochaska    Scripture: John 20:19-31   “Can’t you sleep, Little Bear?” asked Big Bear. “I’m scared,” said Little Bear. “Why are you scared?” “I don’t like the dark,” said Little Bear. “What dark?” said Big Bear. “The dark all around us,” said Little Bear.          read on

The Sermon: Easter Sunday, April 21st, 2019

         The late Rev. Dr. Fred Craddock tells a story about preaching on an Easter Sunday in the church of Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta, GA, Ebenezer Baptist Church. (Incidentally, Ebenezer is a Hebrew word that literally means rock or stone of help—keep that in mind.)  The pastor of the church was Joe Roberts.  It read on

Reflection: Maundy Thursday: April 18, 2019

In a faith and leadership on-line newsletter I received Tuesday, two of the headlines read: “Notre Dame, long a symbol of Catholicism in Europe, becomes a picture of its collapse.”  And the second was “Telling the Passover story in the shadow of the Pittsburgh massacre.” As I thought about those stories, it made me think read on

Reflection: April 7

Scriptures: Isaiah 43:16-21 and John 12:1-8       Sermon Title: Along the Way Gifts Rev. Carol Prochaska  A little girl is smiling with delight as she skips down the steps and out of her yard. She begins to run.  Her feet fly over the ground. She is running very fast. The sun shines and read on