The reflections listed here are transcripts of the Reflection presented by our minister or guest preachers. They are provided for those who may not have been present at the time, or for those who would like to review and reflect further on the words spoken during worship.

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Reflection: October 1

      Today is Worldwide Communion Sunday. It is a Sunday that I’ve come to appreciate as we be intentional about our world-wide kinship with other people. I remember early on in my days in the United Church, so sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s, when an emphasis was put on World-Wide read on

Reflection: September 24

         One of the church sign bloopers that remains stuck in my head, and this has been around for probably 20 years, is, “Don’t let worry kill you; let the church help!” Every few years, a collection of these bloopers, including bulletin bloopers, gets passed around on the internet.          I would say that there read on

Reflection: September 17

I’ve long wondered why the land is so important to me, especially land that is away from our inhabited world, what we call wilderness. We went camping when I was a child, starting out in a tent and then graduating to a tent trailer before getting a fairly large (for that time) travel trailer. My read on

Reflection: September 10

Reflection: September 10

         Part of my sabbatical in 2005, as some of you will remember, was spent as a volunteer with the Iona Community in Scotland. I spent two months living in community with folk, and while there were some internal problems when I was there, I valued my time as a volunteer. Nearing the end of read on

Reflection: September 3

        This has been a challenging year for us in BC with respect to forests. Fires and floods were what we have experienced this year. And the ongoing attempts to change the culture of cutting trees from clear-cutting to sustainable logging is always before us.         I don’t quite remember my first read on

Reflection: June 18

Scripture: Genesis 18:1–15 (21:1–7) When you heard the reading from Genesis, were you able to picture the story? Were you able to picture yourself in it? Now picture this – what would have happened if Abraham had not invited the three men in? What would have happened if Abraham had simply bid them “good day” and read on

Reflection: June 11

         When we were living in Matheson, in Northern Ontario, different people were invited to offer words at the graduation from grade 7 to high school. The school in Matheson had an elementary school that was from Junior kindergarten to grade 7, if my memory serves! That’s quite an age gap.          I talked about read on

Reflection: May 21

Acts 17:22-31 Good news! Did you hear that? You are God’s child! We are all God’s children! Listen to the way Paul talks to the people in Athens. In this day and age where politics is full of divisive rhetoric, we could learn a thing or two from this nearly two-thousand-year-old speech. “From one ancestor, read on

Reflection: May 14

         It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. That beginning to the novel, A Tale of Two Cities, was written by Charles Dickens. It is a classic beginning that is useful to describe many instances in many different situations. I think of 1988 and the General Council of The United Church of read on

Reflection: May 7

         As some of you know, I was at the Inspire conference of the Contemplative Justice Network of BC Conference, held at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church. It was held in parallel with Children and Youth Ministry workshops. It was inspiring. And part of what was inspiring was the gathering of young people in their 20’s read on